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Pilot sport 3 vs Primacy 3 these ar

I’m researching summer Michelin low rolling resistance tires and these are my finalists.

I know the Pilot sport 3 is a higher performance tire (yet LRR) however the Primacy 3 is marginally more efficient - rated a “B” on the Euro lable compared to a “C” for the pilot sport.

Anyone have any feedback on these tires?
Thanks so much for the feedback!

Im just going to confirm if the Primacy 3 is a run flat - if it is - it’s off my list.

I have a new set of 19” BBS wheels on the way and I was just going to harvest the good year eagle touring tires, however I was pleasantly suprised I have some Michelin LRR options.

Did you notice and range impact differences?

Interesting comparison on the Michelin site Primacy 3 vs Pilot Sport 3 ( both LRR and summer only).

Euro label for the 245/45 19 102Y Primacy 3.

Seems cost aside - the Primacy 3 is the best summer Michelin tire for Tesla’s....
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