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Places to charge in Fairfax/Tyson's area


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Apr 1, 2016
North NJ
Hey all, I'm going to be taking a trip from north NJ down to the Fairfax VA area (right around Tyson's Corner) to visit some friends down there, but they won't have a NEMA 14-50 outside of their house like I do - so the question is, where do people charge that isn't at home? Obviously supercharging would be the preference, and I can roll into town topped up from the nearest one on my trip down, but there don't seem to be so many close by. From there, I might be riding with them or might be driving down to the RVA area, which I saw had a few supercharging options.

I can always find a destination charger through ChargePoint/PlugShare, but I'd love to demo how awesome Teslas are as my friend down there is a gadget head as well, and I'd like to minimize the worry/wait factor by being able to show the best local options (aside, of course, from home charging).
Tysons Mall - Garage C - has 2 HPWC for public use. I think they also have a couple of nema 14-50 receptacles that require you to use your own cable (although I am not sure about that). The HPWC are often in use, so you may have to either leave a note on someones car to plug you in when they are done. If you're in the Clarendon area, I'm happy to let you charge up in my driveway. Just send me a PM if in need.
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A few more thoughts:
  • If you're staying at your friend's house, I highly recommend asking to plug in overnight, even if it's just a regular 120V wall outlet. You'll likely gain 25-50 miles per night, and if you're there for more than a day or two you might not even need a destination charger, depending on how much driving you need to do each day. I just took a trip to Myrtle Beach, and I ended up not needing the supercharger in town because my hotel had a NEMA 5-15 outlet in their parking garage that they let me use. I charge on 120V outlets at hotels in NJ all the time too.
  • You might be relatively close to Springfield Town Center, which has public chargers (PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You). There are quite a few restaurants, plus Dave & Buster's and other shopping, to keep you occupied while charging if needed. I don't know how crowded/popular the chargers are. While I like Mosaic a bit better overall (and it's much closer to me than Springfield is), the chargers are nearly always full when I'm there.
  • Beware traffic on I-95 if you want to use the Woodbridge supercharger. Tysons and Merrifield can be very congested as well.
  • In a pinch, you can probably ask the Tyco Road (Tysons Corner) Service Center if they can charge your car -- they have a supercharger that's not accessible to the public.
Ummm...try the Tesla SC/Showroom in Tyson's Corner on Tyco road - they do have a Supercharger there...I'm sure they'd let you charge!

You can try there but I was told a while back they won't let us use it. emergency yes.

The Hilton Mclean Hilton has two high output HPWC out front. I do business with them and charge there. they have 5 chargers total and are all used most of the time. IF not there are the two in tysons C deck as noted above that can get packed.

Woodbridge is probably your best bet from Burke.

On your way down hit the Democracy SC that is only a couple minutes out of the way?
Hi, I'm late to this thread. Been a Model X owner for over one year now. I live in Fairfax County.

The Springfield SC is much closer to Burke than Woodbridge. Why anyone would want to drive south on 95 thru all that miserable traffic is beyond me

I live close to the Mosaic District, which would be an ideal place for a supercharger station. Tons of nice eateries, shopping, a movie theater, and a farmers market on Sundays. There are a handful of L2 stations there, but they are always full, and oftentimes at least one of them is broken.

Does anyone know how one can request/suggest to Tesla a new SC location?