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Plaid Model S to get bigger battery pack


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Jan 12, 2017
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Aug 3, 2017
Terre Haute, IN USA
I'd bet 400+

Also, note don't buy an s/x until this comes out, Elon is really killing future s/x sales knowing a bigger battery pack is dropping.

yeah no kidding. Everybody is going to wait until Oct/Nov of next year to get the new Model S with the bigger battery.

I wonder if this new Model S will also the rumored "Model 3" interior redesign as well with just the single center screen and no dash display?

But I have to say, this "refresh" Model S sounds frickin' amazing, especially if it does get more than 400 miles range.
400 miles maybe?
I'd bet 400+
Come on guys what number over 400 could it be??

420 of course. It could be 424 or 426 or 422. I think they will call it 420. It'll be plaid though, so with that and the extended range it won't be a garden variety Tesla. It'll be like when P100D with Ludicrous 6 figures plus.
Are we talking about the Plaid Model S that's setting the time on the Ring? If so, I wonder if the bigger battery pack is needed to maintain range similar to the current Performance S? Looking at that car on the Ring, I got to think the aero treatment and the sticky tires will significantly reduce range due to higher drag and rolling resistance.
I have a long range X on order for late December delivery, this news sure gives me pause on it. My late 2016 S 75D is amazing but increased range and newer mcu and fsd hardware would be nice as my use has changed since I bought it (traveling longer distance for work, kids, etc). Maybe it’s better to wait this out though....
I’m in the same exact situation as you @AAARSINIC except a 2016 MX 75D. I’m also thinking about cancelling my order for December delivery of a new long range model. Same reason as you.

I wonder if when this comes out if it will only be at the insane performance / ludicrous price point. Or if the LR of today essentially could also get the upgraded battery without the performance price penalty.

I’m betting he limits it to a high price point for a solid period of time before offering it in a non-performance package ... which could be a year away from now.


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Jul 8, 2014
Austin, TX
Sales on the S have slowed, as expected, with the 3. This announcement really won't change much IMHO. Perhaps get people to hang on longer w/o looking at something else (Taycan?). Most don't look that close anyway. I know many people that purchased iPhones a month before the new ones came out.

It will also initially come out at the high end of the price range for those that "need the speed" or "need the range" and slowly (or quickly) come down in price. Heck, I even predict people will complain that the price comes down.
According to Elon, the upcoming "plaid" version of the Model S will have a bigger battery pack.
Elon Musk: Tesla will increase Model S/X battery pack capacity with new Plaid mode version - Electrek

I wonder what the range will be? 400 miles maybe?


Please don't confuse size with capacity. With batteries those two aren't linked like something that holds a liquid.

The cars will get higher capacity packs. The packs aren't likely to be larger to achieve that.


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Oct 9, 2013
Tesla makes awesome cars BUT waiting is always better if you can. It’s that simple.

Except you can’t drive it while you wait.

Waiting will pretty consistently get you more Tesla for less money - but you’ll be stuck driving your current car (and buying gas?) while you wait, instead of having a marvelous electric car drive you.
Nothing wrong with if you are driving a base economy car... civic, accord, Camry, etc for thouuuuusaaaands cheaper. Run it till you can’t stand it no more. I love my Leaf that I paid $8k for 4 years ago. It’s a marvelous car that has its purpose and use. It’s marvelous to put 10k miles a year on that thing and do nothing but tires and brakes.

Let me first say this, I LOVE OUR MS AND M3. But...

The MS has been a lot more problems.. leaky windows, water leaking through pano roof if parked on a decline, failed door handles, water in exterior lights, tire rubbing fenders, failed MCU, buzzing rear motor that T won’t replace (yet, it’s in tolerance), failed something contactor for battery connection thingy, seats that shimy a little, probably missing a few other things. It’s marvelous when it doesn’t need service.
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