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Plan a trip from OC to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite

Plan to take my MX75D from OC to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite in early April. I read on the forums that someone did this trip a couple of years ago.

Did anyone do this trip recently? How was the charging experience? My car has 3000 miles on it. Full charge is 235 miles. My average driving to work usually has average consumption between 300-350.
Yosemite should be fairly easy, because of the Superchargers at Groveland or Fish Camp.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon can be more challenging, especially if you want to go all the way to the end of the road in Kings Canyon. You'll want to start from the Fresno Supercharger. The numbers on the way in will look pretty scary, but regen will work wonders on the way back. I've done it a couple of times with a Model S 90D: I used 130 RM to get to Cedar Grove, and 80-85 RM to get back to Fresno. Of course YMMV with an MX75D.

As a backup plan I installed the RVParky app and brought my UMC and appropriate adapters along. There are also some destination chargers and public L2 chargers in between Sequoia/KC and Fresno.

Round Trip From Fresno SuperCharger to Sequoia National Park
I've done both, but in a Model S 75D earlier this year. Yosemite is a cinch. I did a 100% charge at Groveland while having dinner (short walk from the SCs). We then checked into our lodge ~20 miles up the road at Rush Creek. We were able to go into Yosemite Valley and back to our lodge twice and still had enough range to make it all the way back to the Manteca SC with ~12% battery remaining. Temps were in the 30s / low 40s during our visit, and I believe I averaged around ~300 wH/mi during this road trip.

As for Sequoia/Kings Canyon, we were there about a month ago - if you want to stay in the park, I would recommend staying at either John Muir Lodge or Wuksachi Lodge. John Muir was EV-friendly and they let me charge overnight on a 110V outlet off their front deck. That gave us freedom explore the park, making it down to Hume Lake and back while blasting the heat because temps were in the low 20s when we made the trip. Wuksachi also has 110V outlets per PlugShare. Note that the park has gotten a lot of snow recently and they don't plow Generals Highway. Monitor the park website to see when Generals Highway does re-open. Consumption during this trip was ~330-340 wH/mi compared to my usual 270-280 wH/mi during my commute.

Have a great trip!