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Please help selecting wheels and tires for winter

New to Tesla. Have a RWD Model 3. Getting ready for winter in Boston.
I like the look of silver on tires similar to the 19' from Tesla( my current one). Would like to maintain similar look.
So looking for 18" Silver wheels with winter tires...Little budget conscious ...Came across Velox on Costco website. Any idea? T-sportline is charging 2600+ shipping.....
Please suggest
Appreciate your time
I'm getting ready for winter in Chicago, also with a RWD Model 3. I went over to Discount Tire today and decided on Michelin X-Ice, but haven't picked a wheel yet. I would suggest that wheels are not the thing to be too budget conscious on — you're literally betting your life on them.
This set up for $1650 Tire rack and buy a floor jack for ~$150 and a hockey puck for $2? There are many other wheels options for similar price.
Indeed, which is why I would not go with a low budget tire either.

I ended up ordering another set of 18" aeros with TPMS from the Westmont IL service center, since you can't order them online. They made a service appointment for me so I can pick them up.
Nice, things have gotten better buying from Tesla. Got our LR AWD a year ago in sept. I tried and tried to get Tesla to sell me an extra set of Aeros with TPMS and no tires. At that time they would not. If I could have waited longer I would have tried to get a set of “take offs”. Ended up mounting our winter tires (Nokian Hakka 9) on the aero wheels that came on it and got a nice set of OZ from tire rack that I put the OEM Michelin’s on for summer.