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Please sign petition to allow Tesla stores in Utah

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May 8, 2013
Baby Jet
Petition · Allow Tesla to sell their cars in Utah. · Change.org

Apparently old dealer laws have put the brakes on the Tesla store in Utah. There is legislation trying to get through the Utah house and Senate right now that would allow manufacturers to sell direct through internet sales as long as they support the customers with service centers, and they aren't competing with franchises. The more noise we make, the better, so please sign the petition.
Unless you read the law in a really ridiculous way Tesla can sell vehicles directly provided that they do not become a franchisor. Which is defined by the Utah Code 13-14-102-(9)

(9) "Franchisor" means a person who has, in writing or in practice, agreed with or permits a franchisee to purchase, sell, or offer for sale new motor vehicles manufactured, produced, assembled, represented, or distributed by the franchisor, and includes:
(a) the manufacturer, producer, assembler, or distributor of the new motor vehicles;
(b) an intermediate distributor; and
(c) an agent, officer, or field or area representative of the franchisor.
It takes a very tortured reading to presume that the includes bit means that a manufacturer that has never granted a franchise is a franchisor. You basically have to assume that the manufacturer has franchised themselves.

The bit that prevents a franchisor from owning a dealership is in Utah Code 13-14-201(1)(u)

(1) A franchisor may not in this state:

(u) except as provided in Subsection (6), directly or indirectly:
(i) own an interest in a new motor vehicle dealer or dealership;
(ii) operate or control a new motor vehicle dealer or dealership;
(iii) act in the capacity of a new motor vehicle dealer, as defined in Section 13-14-102; or
(iv) operate a motor vehicle service facility;

It's actually kinda scary how fast I've gotten at tracking these silly dealer laws down.
I have not read all the laws regarding dealerships in Utah. But I do know they were denied license and got a letter from the Attorney Generals office, hence the new bill that is now working its way through the capital. For now, they can operate as a Gallery, which means no test drives and no mention of price, among other things.
This morning I spoke with Rep. Kim Coleman who sponsored H.B. 394. She's still hard at work on it - and she has the Governor's support. We just need to get a few more of the "no" votes into a "yes" and we're golden.

Kim said that if we get enough owners out to this week's "National Drive Electric" event in Murray, she may be able to get some of the other local legislatures out there. Details of the event are here;

National Drive Electric Week Event - Murray

I plan on being there. I know it's kind of late notice - but please consider being there as well, and getting anyone you might know out there as well. And let me know - I'm going to try to gather a tally of how many Model S owners and supporters we can expect to see there.
Good to hear. Maybe cross-post to adjacent state and regional club pages as well, and to the same at the TM site?

I'm going through road trip withdrawal (it's been over a week). Will google to see where Murray is. Probably won't be able to make it, but hopefully some of the Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado faithful can make the trip. The more, the merrier.