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Please Tesla offer SR+ with premium audio so i can buy your car!


Jul 10, 2020
Some of M3 SR speakers are non active. They can not receive enough power unless car is All Wheel Drive with dual motor.
Am i correct ?

There are ways to power the inactive speakers in the SR/SR+ variants of the Model 3. You can add your own amp to power them, or wire up the speakers up to the ICE. (the Hansshow's option for wiring the speakers up to the ICE is confirmed to be able to be safely used a higher volumes with the cheaper harness only solution). Bottom line, if you want a SR+ but are hesitant because of the sound system, don't be. There are solutions that improve partial premium, match or bests the Premium sound configuration. It's either a DIY or find an installer thing, but not a difficult thing to get done at all if you want it and all of these solutions popping up are well under a grand for even adding rear speakers and a sub/amp.


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Mar 22, 2019
Northern california
I still think that adding in a $100 powered subwoofer should do it. That's the main thing that's missing. People think paying a lot for fancy car stereos gets you a lot.

You will not hear "audiophile" sound in any car at 70-80 MPH because of all the ambient noise. I dunno, maybe in a Rolls Royce. The "premium" Tesla system is "ok", that's about it. The "surround" stuff isn't significant, the extra $3 speakers here and there is just what they are. But without the powered subwoofer the SR+ sound obviously has no umph.

If you don't need the long range and dual motors, but want some so-called "better" audio, i.e. more bass, you could tap any of the existing door speakers that aren't high-pass filtered, wire over to one of the many powered 10-12" subwoofers you can get on Amazon for about $100, find a place to put it, and be a happy "audiophile". Of course they are not 1200 watts. Get real. But you don't need 1200 watts. There's 12 volts available under the back seat. If you are not happy, return it, make sure the vendor allows it.

If you aim to be shaking trucks at stoplights, you're deluded, and you'll fry it purdy fast. So then get another one, and do it again. If you just want fatter sound, they'll probably be perfect. Low Bass is non-directional. Stereo is immaterial. You could run a single cable from one mid-range door speaker, and try using the cigarette lighter 12 volt for a test, without even lifting any of the trim. You'd be getting a complete powered sub speaker, and not stressing the existing amp in the car, instead of about the same price on just a wiring harness. Doh. If it's usable, you can figure out how to tack it all down.
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I wished they still offered the LR RWD and an option for premium interior. I didn’t need or want AWD, so my only option was the chintzy SR+. I love the driving dynamics, but it ticks me off that there are parts in the car that aren’t enabled (speakers, puddle lights, rear heated seats).


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Mar 22, 2019
Northern california
@B.K. when Tesla started with the Model 3, it was most economical to make the least possible number of variants. The labor and workflow were more expensive. That's how these cheaper trims with disconnected speakers etc arose. More people were buying the more expensive packages, and the parts weren't very costly anyway. That also tells us what those extra speakers were worth, and why it's easy to equal that "premium" sound cutely, without spending a lot of money.

As they approached half a million cars a year, it became most sensible not to waste the extra parts like rear heaters and extra speakers. So @B.K. rest easy. The "chintzy" SR+ you bemoan no longer has as many unconnected parts to tick you off.
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FYI - I just got the Hansshow "Standard" installed yday on my SR+ which had no back spks, yet had unplugged front door tweets.
(The standard comes with the amp/DSP).
Few observations as I haven't had time to toy with it yet:
- Not sure if the whole audio goes through the Hansshow DSP or not (I didn't install, had it done)
- Not sure if the 'activation' of the front door tweet came at a performance cost on the SR+'s front door woofers*
- Not super impressed on the sound overhaul overall (!) - It did add back audio, but I was expecting more 'presence' / fill
- I have a 'feeling' that the front door's woofers are now heavily UNDERpowered compared to before. It might just very well be in my mind though.

FYI In the back I had installed a pair of Infinity 4032cfx ; and whenever I feel brave enough, I have 2x Faital 4'' "woofers" to replace the back door's ones (which currently have the equivalent output of a 1979 cheap color TV paper / cardboard speaker feel to it)
Immersion OFF
Both two EQ sliders for bass are MAXED out; I did have to lower the highest (Treble) by a few dBs because of the front door tweets being loud AF now, and I guess the Infinity in the back pumping out more highs. I did raise the top-most mid a bit.

When listening to Urban/Pop/Mainstream things like Cardi B, Harry Styles, Doja Cat - which I assume are havily companded/compressed in-studio - sound is not that great, bass fails to shake my pants (like I'm pretty sure it did before the Hannshow)

When listening to classical guitar (Narciso Yepes, Floyd's WYWH, Daniela Andrade's Creep remake) - Presence in the mid-high is stellar. Guitar licks, hand picking, etc. seems like my brains gets all the info as the hair on my arms does raise.

When listening to Piano (Gould's variations, 1981 version - or Patrick Watson's strange rain which I recommend) - One can clearly hear the hammers, the HISS of the poor equipment at the time, and even Glenn's famous humming.

When you go full dynamic range like Atom Heart Mother Suite, Carbina Burana, Tubular Bells (though this is not and have never been an impressive bit of recording), Ouverture 1812, Ian Garbarek's ... You get some very different results. Again, Kiri Te Kanawa's voice or Jan Garbarek's sax's are breath-taking, spine tingling. Cannon shots from 1812 much less impressive; but they get there.

All of that to say... not much. I've so far spent around 1.2k CAD on the audio overhaul - and not sure it's worth any of it.... but I have yet to invest more time AND i hope to F* that there are Pots, dip switches,etc. on the Hansshow DSP to fiddle with.

Hope I'll remember to fill you in here once I have toyed more with it; else please harass and ping me ([email protected])


May 23, 2020
In the other hansshow audio thread a poster that had the full system installed was also unhappy with the results. They talked to hansshow about it and were sent a firmware update to the dsp with fixed their complaints. You might want to shoot hansshow an email.
can someone be honest and tell me how is the OEM sound inside SR+ and how many speakers are actually working (2020 version) ?
I tried 2 times listening flac files in SR+ (test drive) and sound was inferior comparing my Honda Accord touring.
That was 1 year ago.
I've got an SR+ , delivered in Sept 2020; It had NO 'rear deck' speakers. It had no WIRES going to the front door's tweeters (not the A-pillar ones);

My previous car (still have it) was an 2018 Impreza sport tech all dressed; Sound was much, much more stellar in the impreza. I'm not talking about bass-pumping ability (still, it had more) but all around better performance over the whole spectrum AND better stereo image / position.

Sound in the SR+ is 'ok' at best. It seems to all emanate from the front dash though; nothing in the back but flimsy 4'' drivers in the doors; they're not made of paper (i checked) but sure do sound like they were.

It's most likely a better sound system than any bottom-of-the-line Honda/Toyota/Subie/Hyundai - but don't expect a B&O sound system.

And I guess all of that is more 'important' now that you don't have any other noise than the tyres & the wind.
Have you look at CPO or used Mid-range Model 3s? Most are under $40k and I THINK they come with Premium Audio and the premium features. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong). And on the plus side you get slightly longer range than the SR+ for when you need it.
This is correct. I have one. My wife has a SR+. I think we are fairly into music but not overly particular. If I’m honest - I don’t think either system is remarkable and I don’t think either of us can tell the difference. Both are fine - but even my car with the premium system isn’t anything to write home about. That said - it’s the greatest car I’ve ever owned.

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