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Plugging into a tractor trailer/bus hook-up

I'm traveling to the Mt Sterling, KY area in a few months, and a hotel was picked for me (Part of a group.) I called the hotel and spoke with them to find out if they have any hook-ups outside I could use. They said they do, it's what the trucks and buses use. I didn't realize they used anything, unless it's primarily for block heaters or refrigeration trucks.

I asked if they could give me the spec, or at least a picture, but no one knew the spec, and getting a picture is like pulling teeth!

I did some looking online and here to see if there's a common plug type used on buses and trucks for this purpose so I can make sure I have the correct cord, but no luck. Worst case, there is an SC in Lexington, but having something at the hotel as I'll be doing a bit of driving in the area would be a huge help.

Any thoughts? Anyone ever hear of this?
Quite a few seem to use the power access vending machines made by Shorepower Technologies. Their website indicates you can choose between 120v 20 amp, 120v 30 amp and 208v 30 amp. No mention of plug types.
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It would make me nervous to rely on those plugs unless/until someone has listed it on Plugshare or a similar site to confirm the plug type, functionality and accessibility. At the very least, have a Plan B in mind.

Absolutely! There's an SC 30-45 minutes away that is plan B, but would be nice not to have to waste the energy back to the hotel from charging if possible.