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Pod Point removing from app some public (Sainsburys) chargers?


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Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK
I just noticed that a Pod Point charge point at a local Sainsburys is no longer listed on the map/app. Also reported on zap-map a week ago so not a transient issue. Has anyone else noticed that Pod Points at Sainsburys have been closing?

Are they closing them at some supermarket sites? Maybe concentrating on the Tesco sites - a few of which have popped up around here? Tesco Volkswagen EV Charging | UK National Rollout | Pod Point

Not sure if its specific to this site or more wide spread? This site has been working at 1/2 capacity for quite some time.

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Sep 9, 2019
Haven't noticed any disappearing, we have a 4-socket charger at our local Tesco and it doesn't get used much. For me the problem is that it is untethered, so if you want to use it you have to remember to take your own cable, then faff about plugging it in and getting the app going (which randomly logs you out if it hasn't been used in a while), in the rain, trying to read a stupid name on the charger, then going into Tesco for 20 minutes just to get 2Kwh of juice, or less if the charger decides to stop half way, then having to unlock, unplug and wrap up a now wet and dirty cable (because there's mud on the ground) and put it in your boot all for about 30p worth of free electricity.
It's badly thought out and executed. They should have Type 2 cables attached to them like the Tesla ones, and should just start charging without an app. Until then they are just a novelty.


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Jun 20, 2019
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK
No, what they should have it rapid chargers.
For the amount of time you stay in a supermarket, even 11kW isn’t enough.
I can’t help but think that these decisions are made by people who don’t actually own, use or even understand EVs.

Slow chargers are good enough at home or at work or car parks at shopping centres or town centres, places where you’re likely to stay for many hours.

Unless you’re a masochist or are doing something very wrong, a supermarket is a place where you’ll stay 20 to 30 minutes. An hour, tops.
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Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK
The 7kW are free charge - Pod Point rapids are available in some sites but are chargeable. The speed of the current Pod Point rollout is quite impressive.

I personally think that 7kW is sufficient - its a nice gesture to give you your trip to and from the supermarket for free. You really cannot complain at that? Although I can see the complaint if someone wants to ponce some free juice quickly instead of charging at home - it makes that less desirable so that will leave them available for people who really will need them.

The Sainsburys one mentioned earlier would have been useful to us when we were on the south coast as its our regular supermarket so would give us a significant amount of our journey to the coast in the time needed to shop and a coffee. A very worthwhile top up as we don't have home charging down here and south coast is quite bare of charging still. Still, lose one half working site, gain at least 3 each with 4 times the working capacity so not to be sniffed at. But probably won't use them as not local, but still useful in an emergency. Hopefully someone else takes over the site.


Mar 5, 2020
I didn’t mean to say it had to be free. That bandwagon will eventually end, why wouldn’t we expect to pay for our “fuel”?
But a significant number of people can’t charge at home and a supermarket would be the perfect time to charge with a minimum of interference with their daily lives.

I agree, we had 4 7kw fitted at our Tesco and tbh I find them great for a top up whilst grabbing few bits. They didn't put it at the front so it's never iced and it's all clear and tidy.

I only have 3 pin at home currently so being able to get 11kw would be great and being expected to pay would be absolutely fine.
Pod point app is alright.

Mr Miserable

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Jul 8, 2019
There is always the Pod Point Lidl rapid chargers for that.

They aren't so quick at the Tesco checkouts so no need for rapid ones.o_O
Of course the Lidl rapids were free until about October last year and I think they remain free 'sur le continent' but I admit that is a long way to go for a free charge.
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Apr 4, 2020
Chester UK
Our local Tesco had four free Pod Point 7kWs installed a couple of months go & as long as you spend £15, a four hour stay is allowed. Very convenient as this store is right in the town centre with the potential for over 100m added range if needed.

The only issue is the number of ICE cars parking in the bays which do not have green lines, hatching or green cones. Some days only one of four bays is free (if at all) but almost never more than one EV is there.

I've contacted Apcoa the management company for Tesco parking, they referred me to the Store Manager who in turn shrugged & referred me back to Apcoa.


Oct 31, 2019
The one feature I like about pod point is that they start charging as soon as you plug in. Then you have 15 minutes to activate the charge on the app. So you don’t have to stand around in the rain with your phone in your hand.
As for them been untethered it’s one less thing to break I guess and I would never leave the house without my type 2 cable.
We've just had 6 pod points installed at our local tesco's in the last couple of weeks. Theres a 50Kw which has stopped working already, the 22kw I tried today was hopeless - it charges for about 2 minutes then stops and says unavailable. Dont know about the 7kw ones but they seem a bit of a waste of time. Only advantage is the bigger parking space but having to faff with cables and the app is absolutely hopeless.
How much time do you spend in a Supermarket? 30 min? 1 hour?

What's a 7kW charger going to do on a Model 3?

A drop in the ocean IMHO

Even on my 24kWh Leaf it's not really worth the effort to charge for a short time...

And be very careful as most of those Supermarket carparks do have a max time limit! I'v got a fine from ASDA in West Wales for staying about 6 hours to charge when underway to Dublin and didn't had enough juice to make it to the Rapid of Holyhead

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