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POLL: Are you taking the EAP class action settlement money?

Are you taking the EAP class action settlement money?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 17.9%
  • No

    Votes: 17 43.6%
  • I'm not eligible for any money. :-(

    Votes: 15 38.5%

  • Total voters
I’m being thick and no doubt you’ll all say google it.

But is the class action basically about AP2 not being where it should be in terms of functionality?

Obviously with safe harbor etc Tesla shouldn’t be saying we will do x on y date and they just shoot themselves in foot but expecting features and doing a class action when not appearing seems a total joke.

What next?
I don't want to take the money. But what happens if I exclude myself? Does my share go back to Tesla or do the lawyers get it?

It depends on the agreement. It's a negotiation, and needs to be approved by the judge. Sometimes, there is a second check issued to class members. Sometimes it goes to a charity. Sometimes it goes to the state. Sometimes it reverts to the defendant.

But the lawyers will try and boost administrative costs as high as possible. While the surplus can't go to them, costs of the settlements can.
Well, I tried to exclude myself from the settlement but it didn't work. They never received the two separate letters I sent them. I even had my wife write the address because my handwriting is horrible.
Guess I should have spent $15 on registered mail. I still don't understand how you are automatically a part of this weather you like it or not.

P.S. The name of the douche handling this case is Rob Lopez and his e-mail is [email protected]. You can contact him for more info if you need any. The autopilotsettlement website isn't working right now.