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Poll for Model 3 owners: Vampire drain rates?

What average rate of vampire drain (in miles lost per 24 hours) are you observing on your Model 3?

  • 0-1 miles

    Votes: 14 12.0%
  • 2-3 miles

    Votes: 37 31.6%
  • 4-5 miles

    Votes: 31 26.5%
  • 6-7 miles

    Votes: 9 7.7%
  • 8-9 miles

    Votes: 8 6.8%
  • 10-12 miles

    Votes: 8 6.8%
  • 13-15 miles

    Votes: 4 3.4%
  • 16-19 miles

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 20+ miles

    Votes: 6 5.1%

  • Total voters
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Reading through the various threads on vampire drain in Model 3s, it seems like there’s a wide variety in how much vampire drain different owners are observing. So I was hoping this poll could help clarify what ranges of vampire drain rates are most typical, as well as what are the worst/best cases.

I understand that each owner’s vampire drain rate may be something of a moving target, given that firmware changes are happening somewhat regularly. So I’d just suggest that owners focus on what they’ve observed over the past 2 weeks.

Vampire drain isn’t consistent enough to answer your narrow categories. 1-5 is fairly typical in my garage, but seems a few miles more when left at the airport.
Same here. Inconsistnt with latest update. Somedays I lose 1-3 miles in a 24 hr cycle and some other days, I lose 7-10 miles. Not sure why, not dependent on weather as sometimes I see loss more while in a garage. I gave up worrying about it. As long it was reduced from the 10-15 miles I use to lose prior to the update.
Keep the votes coming! :)

FYI... here are the results so far from this poll and an identical poll posted on the M3OC forum. (Spoiler: the results so far are very similar.)


How are people monitoring? I get an emailed report from TezLab every morning, I fear that having an app like that or TeslaFi polling the car may be CAUSING my drain. In another thread, someone spoke of checking the loss between the time you get out of the car and the next time you get in the car. I just always forget.

I am outside the bell curve on this poll.

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I posted this on the reddit thread - I don't have 24 hour numbers - just my overnight numbers.

When I first got the car on the original firmware 2017.50.2 I was seeing 1-2 miles lost per 12 hours overnight. Then on 2018.10.1 it went up to 8-9 miles lost per 12 hours overnight. Now I'm on 2018.14.13 and it's between 3-6 miles lost per 12 hours. I'm in Colorado and so none of these numbers are from a particularly warm garage but oddly the earliest numbers on 2017.50 were also the coldest numbers (below freezing overnight) which were ironically the best vampire numbers based on my records.

I'm on 14.13 now. I've been logging mine daily for the past four days. It varies widely and I'm not quite sure why.
Date Miles@Night Miles@next day Est. Garage Temp in Celsius
4/28 243@7pm 237@8am 16C
4/29 228@6pm 225@7am 14C
4/30 217@5pm 211@7am 13C
5/1 203@5pm 200@8am 17C
<forgot today>

What I do is pull up the app every morning and look at what the value that was there from the night before was, what time I read it at, and then log it in the notepad on my phone. I am not monitoring the battery at all during the night just when I park it and when I'm getting ready to leave in the morning. I'll keep going with this since so far there's not much of a trend here. But basically 6 miles (10km) lost in ~12 hours twice and 3 miles (5km) lost in ~12 hours twice. What's weird is that the temperature isn't that different... I have no idea why there is such variation.
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Certainly, the car makes a fuss when you come near it with your phone... If I get in the fan and AC are running, perhaps that happens even if I just walk near, that could be a big drain. Keeping the phone far away from the parked car.

Well, I have many years ahead of me to figure this out.

I have also been trying to keep the car asleep by not opening the iOS Tesla app. If I wanna see the latest info, I turn on notifications. Checking what the last entry is, by swiping right at the home screen, won't wake the car. Seems that the TezLab app by itself won't wake the car either. But I haven't left the house, perhaps it tracks my motion to see if it should talk to the car. Gonna go for a bike ride later and see if the TezLab data gets updated.

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