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Poll: have you had issues with your 3?

Have you had issues?

  • No issues! Love it!

    Votes: 23 42.6%
  • Minor issues, no service needed

    Votes: 6 11.1%
  • Minor issues, service needed

    Votes: 17 31.5%
  • Major issues , service needed.

    Votes: 8 14.8%

  • Total voters
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I’m trying to get a gauge on what the current rework rate and defect rate is.

I picked up my 3 a few weeks back and have had numerous issues. Reading all these articles I really wonder what % of issues everyone is having?

My 3 is currently at service and hope to get it back soon.
Here is my list:

Cracked glass roof
Scratched center screen
Car shudders when changing lanes
Bad wipers
Loose charger center station handle.

I’m really hoping after I get it back nothing major pops up

Ouch. I had a tiny ding on the door that came right out with PDR, a scratch on one of the seats, and a couple minor paint blemishes that came out when I had it corrected before the ceramic coating went on.

I thought the heater didn't work right but it seems to be fine.
Had my M3 for 2 1/2 months and 2K miles now. Biggest issue is that the time of charge setting loses it's memory after a couple days. Hoping a software update comes along to fix it.

Fit and finish good, but a fair number of missing features that are software related.
The delivery and orientation process for us was a mess.

The car appears to be blemish-free.

Our only issues have been with the supercharging speed of no more than 50kW, regardless of battery level and the inconsistent working of the lock/unlock mechanism with the "smart phone." A software update appears to have fixed this, but now the card keys do not work consistently. Also, sometimes the radio does funky things that are hard to describe.
Turn off lane departure warning. . . .
It’s not that. It’s the slightest of a shudder. Steering wheel vibrates just a little when at speed changing lanes and after it’s moved into the lane and straightening out it shudders.

Hopefully they find what’s causing it.

What is concerning is the current state of the poll.

50% rework can’t be good for Tesla or any car manufacturer.

I love my Tesla’s and been willing to deal with rework. But I’ve never had another car that required any rework in the past that I can remember.

Recalls yes but no rework within the first few months.
What is concerning is the current state of the poll.

50% rework can’t be good for Tesla or any car manufacturer.

Service needed is at 38% as of this post. Given that tons of owners don't even know this place exists, and the ones that do tend to learn about it when they need to google for a fix, I'd say the population here is biased towards having issues. Pretty much like the forums to any other car, or phone, or appliance.....

I'm part of a facebook group of owners and seeing very few problems being reported.
Haven’t seen my Model 3 in over 7 weeks since it lives at the service center. Last time I saw a Model 3 was at the supercharger when someone else had one. He was excited about it saying he had no issues at all, but it was riddled with cosmetic issues. I think most just don’t look at details and thus miss paint defects, body panel alignment issues, incorrectly stamped metal parts, etc. Once I pointed out a strange/incorrect bend in one of his doors, he replied “well, what do you expect from Tesla.” I guess we all just need that mindset.