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Poll: How do you disengage autopilot?

How do disengage your autopilot?

  • Move the steering wheel until it turns off

  • Use the stalk

  • Wait until it turns itself off

  • Braking

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I chose "Use the stalk" but that is somewhat ambiguous. For some of us with the chrome button on the end of the stalk, we can press the button to disengage, or we can push it forward (towards the dash). i usually push the button but sometimes press it forward.
I like the button, frankly, but the motion of pushing it forward is familiar from when i had the same type of control switch on my Mercedes Benzes for many years....
And in any case, sometimes circumstances require that I disengage by braking (not an option you listed).
By the way -- Turning the steering wheel turns off the auto-steering function but does not turn off TACC, and people sometimes get into trouble when they think "autopilot" is completely off but cruise is still active....So that is not a valid choice in your poll if you literally mean all autopilot functions rather than just self-steering.
Added braking. I've yet to turn mine off this way. I assume it disengages on the 3 like you say and doesn't just slow the vehicle. The manner in which one uses the stalk isn't something I was trying to capture. I saw it theorized that Tesla uses people jerking the wheel to look for data points of issues. I wanted to see by what methods most people disengage for this reason.

Also noticed a typo in my question for the poll but it doesn't let me edit that...
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