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Poll: Official Tesla Motors Club (TMC) T-Shirt. Which version would you want?

Which version of the Official TMC tshirt would you want? (PLEASE VOTE ONLY IF INTERESTED)

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Aug 15, 2006
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Hi everyone,

We're going to offer an official Tesla Motors Club t-shirt soon!

The plan is to have the following model specific versions:
  • Without model
  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Model X
  • Model Y
  • Roadster 2022
  • Cybertruck

The version in the images below has a Roadster graphic on the left sleeve. The other versions will include a graphic of their respective model.
This is close to the final look, however the production version of the t-shirt itself will have smaller, less prominent labels.

Depending on the level of interest, the cost is expected to be around $30 without the car graphic. With the graphic will be a few bucks extra.
If you are interested in getting one, please let us know which version you'd want to purchase by voting in the poll above.

We really appreciate your help in gauging interest so we can appropriately size our initial order.


IMG_7184 - Edited.jpg

IMG_7143 - Edited.jpg

IMG_6998 - Edited.jpg

IMG_6815 - Edited.jpg


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Seriously, The classic roadster, which started it all, is not included as an option?:(

While I voted for the new Roadster, I'm with @eHorses. I really want the original roadster that started it all.

OK, we have added the original Roadster to the poll. If that is your preference please vote for it so we can get a sense. Thanks.
back is good to go.
sleeve: remove car (your best visual design, does not belong on the sleeve)
front: remove vertical text. (distracting)..
remove "member" (awkward label which will cause loss of sales)..
move car design to front pocket area, shift TMC logo downward to make room, and make it smaller (about 60% of original) so that it doesn't overwhelm the car design.

maybe put "teslamotorsclub.com" or "tesla motors club" on sleeve.