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[Poll] Refreshed 2021 Model S: Best Interior Color/Decor?

Best Interior Color for 2021 Refreshed Model S?

  • All Black w/Ebony Decor

  • White and Black w/Walnut Decor

  • Cream w/Walnut Decor

  • None of these, they all kinda suck

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Or, here they are:

All Black
All Black Model S interior.png

White and Black
White interior Model S.png

Cream interior Model S.png
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For me, it’s VERY close between the White and the Cream... like ‘em both a lot.

Not into the All Black, though. Too dark, like you’re sitting in a cave.

Dig most of the interior details, except that odd chrome trim around the center console. Looks plastic/cheap. :(

Otherwise, pretty nice.
Because of that chrome piece, I only like the black. With white seats, black panels, walnut trim and chrome. It's just too many things going on. All black seats and panels alleviates the biziness and is more peaceful.
Not sure if I'm colorblind or something but the old cream was way better than this. If it actually looks like this, I'll order the white interior.

Yeah, I own a 2018 S w/ cream... it's *way* brighter because the wood is light oak. The actual "cream" itself is much more white than this render, too. Though it does have light carpet which isn't the best... I immediately put a black rubber floor mat over because I live in a place that laughs at light vehicle carpet.
Black = sporty
White = modern
Cream = luxe

The white interior looks pretty bad with the walnut, though much better with CF.

The black interior is "too much" with the black headliner. There's no contrast.

Cream/walnut is "just right" IMO, but doesn't look as good with the CF.
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It's completely subjective so the best I can do is share my opinion of each:

All black - probably the most marketable both on the new car and used car segment, and will probably be accepted as the most popular choice.

White on black - looks modern, but would probably be a challenge to keep clean. I think this would attract more design-forward folks but I'd imagine half of these interiors are not going to look so attractive after 5-8 years of usage.

Cream on Walnut - reminds me of a luxury yacht interior and will probably be quite popular as beige is trendy back...taking it's spot back from grey.

As for "the best" interior, I guess whatever interior DJ Khaled chooses...he's always shouting with positive superlatives in all his songs..."[fill in the blank] is the best, ever!"
Yeah guys, sorry I didn’t include the CF interiors in the poll, but I figured,

1) that’d just confuse things
2) the wood and CF interiors are the same apart from the trim
3) and given the price points, a lot more ppl will be buying the LR and its wood decor than the Plaid/Plaid+ and the CF.

All that said, I do like the CF, and wish it was an added cost option on the LR. :cool:
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My December 2020 order was Cream/Oak, but after seeing the refresh options I switched to White/Walnut. I too would have prefered White/CF but not for the extra $40k. I might get a CF wrap over the walnut. (I think these will be very popular)