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Poll To Gauge Interest In Active Noise Cancellation

If Active Noise Cancellation was possible via an upgrade to my Model S' sound system

  • I would not be interested.

    Votes: 20 16.5%
  • I might be interested, depending on the cost and installation issues.

    Votes: 69 57.0%
  • I would definitely be interested.

    Votes: 32 26.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Oct 22, 2014
Ithaca, NY
This is a poll to see how much interest there might be if a third-party company were to offer active noise cancellation as an option on an upgrade to the Model S sound system.

A few days ago in the "News" forum I came across a link to the following thread, started by a company called Light Harmonic. (There are now actually two threads.)



The company is producing two upgraded sound systems as options for Model S owners who may be interested in upgrading their current systems. I started reading the thread, to see if active noise cancellation might be part of what the company would be offering. I learned that it is a feature that they are considering, and, in fact, on page three of the thread the OP had written:

Last, what are we missing? I'd love your input. For example, we're thinking about adding Active Noise Cancellation into the design at some point. Do you have any thoughts on that?

I think most of the people following the thread thus far, expressing interest are audiophiles. I think, though I could of course be wrong, that if Light Harmonics were to offer Active Noise Cancellation their products could appeal to an even broader market, as many of us would like the cabins of our cars to be even more quiet than they already are. So I offered to start this poll, to gauge interest.

This it the company site for the project: Premium Audio for Tesla Model S by Light Harmonic

I have no financial stake in this company, and except for a couple of recently exchanged PMs, don't know the OP or anyone associated with the company. My interest in this is purely in getting Active Noise Cancellation in my P85D.

Active Noise Cancellation:
For anyone not familiar with Active Noise Cancellation, and its use in cars, the general idea is that the system can eliminate or greatly reduce road noise and tire noise. I'd suggest watching the following short video and/or reading the article linked below about the Harman system, as they give a pretty good overview:

Digital Trends article about Harman system: Harmans in-car noise cancelling reduces road noise | Digital Trends

I started this poll because of what Light Harmonic is already working on, but no matter what they decide, if it turns out there is a fair amount of interest in this from the members here, the demonstration of that could result in other companies also becoming interested in developing Active Noise Cancellation products for our cars.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for voting in the poll.
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I meant to vote that I would definitely be interested based on cost and installation issues (I am not wanting to drill through the firewall or have a tap into a wiring harness like you ran into Andy), but accidentally clicked the first option and do not see how I can change my vote. Hard selecting the right option on my phone screen.