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Poor man's Tesla Model X, rare 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV with extended warranty


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Oct 1, 2017
I was going to keep my Toyota RAV4 EV forever as the car is a great SUV that works as my poorman Model X. Problem is that I actually bought a Model X, so I really have no use for the car. It's a little too expensive to just sit on the street as I just can't get out of the Model X.

Here are the specs
2013 Toyota RAV4 EV in pearl white, 73K miles.
Leased new, then purchased out of lease
Brand new 12v battery, brand new Michelin tires
Has Weathertech floor mats, tow hitch (only used for bikes, not towing)
New Tesla battery from 2016 under warranty, DC/DC converter replaced (2015), motor replaced (2015), gateway replaced all under warranty, what else can go wrong right?
The rear bumper was replaced, but car had never been in an accident

Price is 15.5K with the extended warranty (runs till 2020 and 125K miles), i will pay to transfer it to you. I can do 14.5K without.

They only made 2600 of these. I am in Nor Cal
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Sorry for the delay here you go

It has the Toyota platinum warranty to 7/2020 with 50k left on it. I was gonna drive it a lot, but model x happened ...


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I will post more tonight. The leather seat are seat covers. If you remove it you will see the factory seats in excellent condition under it as I put on the covers at 3009 miles

No they don’t come in awd, that’s the big difference between the x and this car. The RAV4 has decent power, but it can spin tires from a roll at 20mph. The battery is around 40kwh


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