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Porsche GT3RS

On a long trip yesterday was having some fun with a Porsche GT3RS.
We took turns accelerating away from each other. Was very surprised that my M3 SR+ easily kept pace and even had an edge accelerating.... we were going back & forth for a couple hundred Km’s until we parted ways... was pretty impressed with my lowly SR+
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Lol. Right..... your SR, sorry SR+ (can’t forget how much an upgraded interior factors in to this) kept up with a Porsche GT3RS, which even in its slowest form ( that being the 996.2 made from 2003-2004) had a zero to 62 of 4.4 seconds. He was playing with you. No offense but that car would have left you in the dust any time the driver wanted. Glad you had fun though, that’s what matters, but let’s not process the car to be something it’s not.
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Agreed 67. An RS will stand out over a standard GT car. 1/4 vents, bumper covers, CF panels. Gotta factor in the d-bags that buy a 20-year old 996 C2 and emblem the car up and install ridiculous spoilers, etc. Of course not everyone will realize this an as such most people will see it as another Porsche or 911. That guy was definitely playing around but I'm sure everyone had fun.

I removed all rear emblems on my Porsches as I prefer the clean look and don't really care that people don't know the trim level of my car.


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