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Possible explanation for UK delivery issues

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I have been following many threads about the delivery experience and delivery dates. From little bits of information I have come up with an idea as to where the problems might occur for us, the customers. A number of people have commented on receiving texts from Belgium (I guess Zeebrugge) telling their delivery details. I suspect the cars are actually being matched in Belgium and then despatched to the UK delivery destinations who probably know very little more about arrival times than the customers. This would explain why cars are not there on the expected day as they have not been loaded onto a transporter at the right time or the transporter is late. It would also explain why you only really know the day before that your car is at the showroom because that is when it physically arrives and the showroom staff know for certain your car is available. If some cars are being shipped to UK ports direct I suspect the allocation is still being handled in Belgium as it is Tesla's main hub for Europe.
If this is the case I'm sure the Belgium staff should notify the UK showrooms and maybe they do but it relies on the car actually being loaded onto the right transporter at the right time. It also relies on there being 10/11 cars in Belgium ready to ship to one showroom as they would not want to do multiple drops.
I am not in any way excusing the very poor customer experience some people have received but if true, may go some way to explaining why.