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Post configuration questions on Model X


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Dec 22, 2012
United States
Overall I'm very pleased with the Model X production "reveal" so far.

I am sure that Tesla hasn't disclosed all of Model X's improvements and features. The questions surrounding 2nd and 3rd row configurations and folding are just one example.

Here is what I'd like to know:

(1) The "Signature" series has a 503 hp rear motor, and a 259 hp front motor. Will this be the default configuration? Or will the base Model X offer 259 hp rear and front, similar to the Model S 70D/85D?

(2) What improvements has Tesla made to the electronics? Specifically, did the 17" touch screen and driver's instrument clusters get upgrades in their processors? What changes, if any, were made to the Autopilot sensor suite?

(3) Are there dual charge ports? It looks like it, but I can't tell if the right hand side panel is a lookalike rather than an actual door port.

(4) Where are the cup holders for the 2nd row passengers? The aerial cutout view shows that the 3rd row cupholders are between the 2 3rd row seats.

(5) Will the mirrors have integrated turn signals? A minor point but I kind of like mirrors with turn signals.

(6) Nose cone? :biggrin:

As a general observation, the CGI exterior images are substantially similar to the mules, Betas, and Release Candidate test vehicles we've seen in spy photos.
Good starting points. I would like to add to the list info on the rear view mirror. Is it a camera? I have concerns about visibility out the back considering the middle seat with a fixed headrest that does not appear to be removable.
I'm curious if the full autopilot will be active when the MX is delivered. I know it's listed as being included but we all know it is not yet active on the MS. Elon stated that the beta was to be released on August 15th and that it would be a month or two before general release. Timing is close. I've always though it was a bit disingenuous to announce it last October and now almost a year later it is still not implemented.
I know that many of you are software professionals, do you think the MX will have it's own software or be added to the MS software somehow?

I just searched the iTunes App Store & didn't see any mention of Model X.
did find a lot of games involving lightning bolts or Tesla coils... 凸(¬‿¬)凸 to you, App Store.