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Power limited and home link grayed out

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So woke up this morning and my MS is power limited and the home link is grayed out and gone in touch screen menus.

Yesterday the car was fine.

I have plenty of energy and it isn't hot or cold 70 degrees. Any idea why I'm power limited?

Also I pulled out of the garage and the homelink icon doesn't respond and homelink settings in the touch screen is gone.

Any ideas?

I've reset both the touch screen and dash screen.
Yeah, it was right there.... easy for us to see, as it’s in the pic. :D I’d delete the PIN and use the app to select Valet when you want it, then you can’t do it from the Profile drop down in one click, as it were. I’ve almost done it by accident, too, since it’s always *right there* in the list. I never intend to use Valet Mode, but the option is always sitting there. WIthout the PIN, it can’t be enabled automatically.

Valet mode hides things like home address, work address, and kills Homelink, for obvious reasons!
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