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Power Reduced - intermittent in 2017 X 100D

Hey All.

I’ve been having an intermittent issue (honestly for the last year or more) where sometimes the vehicle will display “Power Reduced - Service is required”. It typically happens after accelerating, and seems to happen more often when it’s warm.

The error goes away after the car goes to sleep.

It seems to be happening more frequently. I’m out of basic warranty and was wondering if anyone has had this issue and it’s related to the motor or some other repair.

The 2nd picture shows something related to a Drive Inverter, but I don’t know much about it.

Anyone have any experience similar to mine?

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the only time i had that error was when i had air in coolant system, after major repair. And yes it did happen after hard acceleration.
i just topped off coolant tank n bubbles worked themselves out
since u don't have low coolant lever, probably not it but worth checking
Its also unfortunate that Tesla doesn't differentiate if its rear or front DU...
i'd suggest pulling the front/rear covers n ck for leaks
other than that it might be bad inverter but again idk how to tell which one
maybe Scan my Tesla can show temps for Front/Rear separate?..
if i recall right, front is used mostly for cruising n both for acceleration so that would point to rear unit

also, rear has 2 parallel coolant loops so maybe inv path is clogged or pinched
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