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'Power reduced, Service Required' Tesla Model S 2015

Tesla Model S 85 2015 Got first one error message then another:
  1. Power reduced. Service needed.
  2. Automatic emergency breaks disabled
The car was in P mode and the error message stated "Power reduced. Service needed." I tried moving the car back to D mode, it allowed me to snail my way ahead for 10 seconds before being forced back into D mode. The same happened a couple of times, tried to turn the car off - no luck. Putting it into tow mode allowed me to drive the 1km home, but then it happened again - any ideas?

Update: The longer the break I give the car, the longer I can drive it. I parked the car overnight, and today I drove 12km, then it happened again.. Every time i put it in Tow Mode for more than a couple of minutes, i'm able to drive a minute or two before the error message pops up again. I had it towed to the Tesla Service Center, and i'm now waiting for them to call me.
I just had the same thing on my 2015 P85D a few weeks ago. I was stopped at a light, got those errors, and it went to N. I shifted back to D, accelerated very slowly (hardly any power) when the light turned green. Luckily I was close to home and made it there OK. I called roadside assistance and they came and towed it to Tesla. After weeks of diagnostics, they said there was water in the rear (large) drive unit and replaced it (under warranty). Had it back a few weeks and it drives fine now.
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Does this look like the same issue? I am getting it almost daily, goes away after a few minutes but Tesla SC have given up diagnosing issue. Model S (2015)


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