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Power Reduced

So this is the second time my new (less than 900 miles) model 3 has pop up with this issue

Power Limited - OK to drive
Use tesla app to schedule service

Power Reduced
Exiting and re-entering vehicle may restore operational power.

any clues what may be the issue?
Nope, once I reset the car is goes away, but eventually comes back.
Once the error prompt comes back on again, I will be sure to take a picture.

IMO, I keep on getting this issue when I'm around the coastal beach town. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a loose ground connection

If you go into the car menu, then service, it will have a notifications button. Hit that and it will show details of all the recent alerts.
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Just got done messaging an old friend whose a tesla mechanic.

Turns out it's very likely from the coolant design flaw. Since the fans turned on this morning while it was 65 degree outside, odds are there's a coolant leak or coolant evaporated.

Makes sense. Less coolant, less ability to draw the heat away from the battery, so power reduced.
Lets see what happens after Saturday morning.
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