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Power Trunk Option on P85D

I am evaluating a 2015 P85D that does NOT appear to have the Premium Interior and Lighting Upgrade according to Tesla build sheet. I have not seen the Tesla yet.
I read couple posts that stated POWER liftgate came standard on P85D or possibly with Tech Package so I am UNCERTAIN if this particular Telsa has power lift gate since Premium Interior and Lighting is NOT on Spec Sheet. This is from a non-Tesla dealer and they said was Power Lift gate but they may not know difference.

My original 2013 S60 had power lift gate and love it.
Sorry if these are DUMB questions but here we go:
1. HOW is a NON-power lift gate opened? I presume with switch on outside, rear trunk and MANUALLY LIFT this up?
2. Would there still be an INTERNAL switch on actual lift gate to close? I would presume it is like the Frunk and you would have to MANUALLY close rear left gate.
3. Can non-powered lift gate be opened via Touch Screen?
4. Can a NON-powered lift gate be opened with KeyFob?
5. Can a retro-fit be done...read some interest in posts but not sure if anyone has done this

Tesla did a significant reconfiguration of the options in April 2015, so a 2015 P85D ordered before April (could have been delivered later) would have Power Liftgate included in the tech package. After April, the tech package was replaced by Autopilot convenience and the power liftgate moved to Premium Interior and Lighting upgrade.
  1. There is a broad rubber "switch" right above the license plate, recessed back under the Tesla trim, which is also present with the power liftgate. The difference is that without power, the button just releases the latch and you need to lift manually.
  2. No. You just close manually, similar to the frunk.
  3. Yes and no. The touch screen will release the latch, as with the frunk. You need to open manually.
  4. Yes - but it just releases the latch, as with the frunk.
  5. I have no information.