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Power walls not leaving Standby Mode


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Jan 12, 2011
San Luis Obispo, CA
I have two recent powerwalls installed about two months ago. Since installed, they will not come out of standby mode and begin charging on their own. In order to get the powerwalls to charge, I have to put it into backup mode, to kickstart them to charge, then later put it into TOU mode in order to get them to work properly. Once charged they will discharge properly on the TOU schedule, but when it goes into standby at night, they will not wake-up the next day. They will continue to discharge several percent a day from the minimum level to Zero until I intervene as above.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix?? it seems like a software problem, but Tesla does not seem to be able to identify the problem.
If you have PV/Solar they will ONLY charge via solar and not from the grid.

if you have Powerwall only with no PV/Solar then they should be charging during your off peak time schedule that you setup. In this scenario it’s possible that your installed did not set it up correctly in the wizard. This might need a call to the Powerwall help desk.
Yes 1/2 dozen calls and 8 revisits from the installation team with no results! I have PW with solar and have to go through the sequence described to initiate charging of the powerwalls
There is definitely something wrong with your system. You need to get your issue escalated. I've heard of a couple people who had to have the Gateway computer replaced because it was never working right from initial installation.
This ended up being a software issue. Tesla had to downgrade my software version in order to get the hardware to perform properly. Not sure what will happen the next time the software upgrades!
I have the same problem with my pw1. Periodically and randomly it goes into standby mode. (Day, night at random). I have to flip the switch at the bottom of the inverter back and forth to bring it back to life. If I don’t, it will stay in standby mode and not charge or discharge. I have a solar system with solaredge inverter.
I have similar issue since 3 weeks back. But my problem seems worse, my powerwall would discharge at max rate (10kW for 2 PWs) if I choose Self-powered Mode. And my house load follows my generation (see attached). Installed PW2 in 3 months ago in May, it was working perfectly until then.

Called Tesla two weeks ago and they have not get back to me, I called them every few days to check and they kept saying they need tier 2 support to look at the issue but still waiting for someone to look into. How do I escalate my issue?


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