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Powerwall 2 response to grid coming back

So today, after a couple days of rain after commissioning, I finally had (2) fully charged powerwalls. I decided to mimic a power outage and flipped the main breaker. Had a momentary loss of power (maybe a second) and then was on battery backup. After a minute I turned the breaker back on. I was expecting grid power to be “restored” fairly instantaneously, but it showed running from battery/grid outage for roughly another (5) minutes. Is this normal? Is the system waiting to make sure line power is “stable” before reconnecting, or does it only look to reconnect every so often?
5 minutes seems like a long time. I typically see something 10 seconds to 30 seconds to restore on-grid operation after a synthetic test like switching off the main breaker and switching it back on. The reason for the delay is synchronizing the Powerwalls to the grid. By aligning the waveform, it ensures a smooth transition back to grid-interactive operation.
It takes five minutes to inform you you are on battery power. I seem to recall it took that long to switch back when we tested it at install time. May just be (1) to be sure the grid is stable and (2) to avoid all PW installs hopping back to the grid at the same time. (Heck, all the no-backup loads are dumped right on the grid, I think I want to wait more than five minutes for it to stabilize before I get back on it! :D ).
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