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Powerwall 3

When do you think we are going to see a Powerwall 3 coming out? And what features might it have?
More than 1 phase? 110 and 230 capability in Phases? Integrated Inverter? Advanced charge control for EV's (not just Tesla)?
Elon talked about Powerwall batteries as part of Battery Day last fall. He gave hints of something in a couple of years.

I suspect they will not have an inverter since Tesla makes their own inverter, Powerwalls are used with other power sources than solar, and you can have one inverter sending power to many Powerwalls.
The Powerwall has to have an inverter. Without an inverter it could not convert DC to AC. As far as I know, Tesla's inverter is only a GT inverter but maybe it could be configured to run off of a battery.
Good point. I assumed the OP was referring to replacing the need for a solar side inverter (Tesla, SolarEdge, etc). I suppose they could build that functionality in as some sort of option, but how often is that needed, and would it be cost-effective?
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Elon talked about Powerwall batteries as part of Battery Day last fall.
To that point I would agree there could be a market for just a battery to complement existing Powerwalls. For example some homes might be easily served by the 5kW capacity of a Powerwall but want more kWh to carry them through longer outages with no sun.
In addition, the new NEC 2020 requirement that battery systems be UL certified might create a new market for stand alone battery packs to support the number of hybrid inverters in the market.
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