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Powerwall going off grid on their own??

I’m recently had my solar and powerwalls installed and I’m noticing a strange pattern.

every other day at around 6:45am they go into off grid/backup mode for exactly 5 minutes during that time none of the neighbors are down and the grid doesn’t seem to actually be down.

is this occurring by design? Anyone else have this issue?
5 minutes is the Powerwall grid reconnect time meaning that during a grid outage it will take 5 minutes for it to resync itself and switch to grid power after the grid is restored.

If you're seeing 5 minute backup durations that likely means there was an issue with the grid power for a brief moment which caused the Powerwall to supply power. Since it was a short interruption it will take 5 minutes for the Powerwall to switch back to grid power.

This happened to me once before where there was a small blip and the Powerwall kicked on but my non-critical loads (oven, A/C, dryer) still were all functioning meaning the grid was active. The app didn't say why so I called Tesla: the utility power voltage sagged to 226v for a split second, outside of the range the Powerwall considers good power (228v-252v) and so it kicked in.

Call Tesla and see what is causing the Powerwall to do this. My guess is something similar (out of spec grid voltage or frequency) and if that is true you need to call your utility to let them know there is a problem. If it's that regular perhaps a large industrial load close to you is switching on at that time?
Coincidentally an hour after I posted this someone posted on the next door app asking if anyone else has been experiencing frequent power surges in the area and so far about 20 people have replied. So that answers that. Not sure if this is new or if I just never noticed them before I got this system installed.

thanks guys!