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Powerwall Installers Disconnected Hot Water Heater/Appliances - Any Tips?

I've heard so many stories about Tesla's quality of install/work so thankfully went elsewhere for my car and solar installation, but wondered how bad it could get if I went for the cheap Powerwall install - oops.

It took till the next day to notice the hot water heater was cold, and I couldn't detect any voltage via non-contact voltage tester, and none of the breakers look tripped. Apparently they won't test this till the inspection occurs - and not until I sign paperwork accepting the work. Will a city inspector even pass an install where a major appliance is connected to who knows what circuit breaker?

So I am assuming others have gone through this before - what did you do? Keep calling? Hire your own electrician? Is four days without any further updates on breaking your house the norm?
What type of hot water heater do you have? Also, its unlikely your city inspector is going to go around throwing breakers, so they likely wont know or care about your hot water, since that is not what they are there to inspect.

You told tesla "your installers left my hot water disconnected, and I have not had hot water since they left" and they wont come back for days?