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Powerwall updates after Battery Day?

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Almost a wagon
Aug 11, 2013
No word yet on when Battery Day will happen, but any speculation on what it could mean for Powerwall?
Lower prices? Massive production increase? Maybe some retroactive announcement or a posited effect two years down the road? Thoughts and insight?
After seeing how the battery packs go into all Tesla products the same way, what happens with one product will happen with all of them. Not saying much but just the obvious that Tesla has gone out of their way to use the same components across the storage line be it car, powerwall or grid storage.
Moderator can help us rewrite. Suggestion?

How about "How much will my powerwall depreciate after battery day?!?!?!" Oh.. wait.. thought I was in one of the car forums for a second.....

Kidding aside, no idea what tesla will do after "battery day" and not sure why we should just throw guesses at the wall. Do you have some sort of inside knowledge you want to share, OP?