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Pre-emptive 21" Grey Turbine w/tires and TPMS - Any interest?

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I have a set of Arachnids coming and am judging interest in my 21" Grey Turbine (Original Tesla) wheels and the set of Michelin's (50% tread) on them. Staggered. They would include the wheels, tires, TPMS (latest gen, car is a Dec 2016 delivery), center caps and lug nut covers.

Thats a 245/35-21 on the Front, 265/35 -21 on the Rears.

I am not exactly sure when these are going to be delivered as I just selected them and haven't seen the delivery update on my app yet - but likely in the next couple months I should think (hope).

I'd consider them in Excellent (but not new) condition. Two of them are just about perfect. Right front has a small nick - way smaller than a dime (not rash) which I'd probably not repair but would just dab a bit of paint on. Right rear has another scratch which I filled with paint and is barely noticeable.

I figured I'd let that right rear alone for now as it wasn't worth the 135$ my local shop wanted to fill/fix it and wait until the inevitable bad parallel parking job into a curb and then just get it all fixed at once.

Any interest? I'm in Rocklin/Sacramento but willing to bring these to the Bay Area or meet up in the middle.
2K Firm. I will upload detailed pictures shortly. IMG_9034.jpg
I am willing to deliver them to the Bay Area for 1750. My 2K buyer pulled out and I have a local offer at 1500 and a guy in LA interested at 1750 which I'd have to meet him half way. Tires on the front are 7/32, the rears 6/32. 1750 is a fair deal for this package for sure.
Bumping this - I have a backup set of 19's that I can put on while I wait for my Archnids to arrive.....so these are immediately available. If you come up to Rocklin I will pay to have them mounted / balanced on your car.
I’m about to board a flight, but I may down in that area next week. I’ll PM you shortly (need to get back to SFO and see my schedule). Obviously first come first serve. Don’t hold on to them for me.
A little more information on tread life that I found helpful before thinking of making an offer. Looks like your tires have only 50% tread life left on them, based on the measurements of 6/32" and 7/32" you posted). So I would essentially be buying the set only for the rims as the tires are half worn out. I'm local and will PM you an offer. Let me know what you think.

Average new tires used on cars typically start with 10/32".
Tires are legally "worn out" In most States when they reach 2/32" of remaining tread depth. For example, a typical tire that starts with 10/32" of original tread depth has only 8/32" of useable tread depth. Its useable tread depth is calculated by subtracting a worn out tire's 2/32" from the new tire's original depth of 10/32". The final 2/32" of a tire's tread depth isn't part of the equation when it comes to calculating tread depth percentages because the tire is already legally worn out with just 2/32" of remaining tread depth.

Useable tread depth is calculated by subtracting 2/32" from the tires' new tread depth. Then usable tread depth is compared to remaining tread depth in order to calculate tread wear percentages. For example, a tire that started with 10/32" of original tread depth and has worn off 4/32" (down to 6/32" of remaining tread depth) is 50% worn.

10/32" original tread depth
-2/32" legally worn out tread depth
8/32" of useable tread depth.

8/32" useable tread depth
-4/32" measured tread depth worn away
4/32" of remaining tread depth (50% of 8/32")

A tire that starts with 10/32" of original tread depth has 12.5% wear for every 1/32" that is worn away.

Good to know - I will certainly be open to your offer, however even if you only consider this to be half worn, there is still obviously (at least) half the life of the tire remaining. I dont know anyone who throws away their tires at half wear, and If you are "essentially buying the set only for the rims" that would be exactly what you are doing. Shoot me the offer - based on what I've seen other similar packages go for I'm fairly firm on the price. A new set of these tires from tire rack is about 1500$ before tax and mounting and balancing. If you are local, I'll cover getting them mounted and balanced for you as well. (good friend owns a well known tire shop in Roseville). Let me know!