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Premium audio

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The premium audio package is worth it. You will get a free trial to XM, then listen to the specials after the trial is up, got mine for $5 a month after the trial was over.

That is if you are a sound snub like myself.
If you only listen to low quality streams/xm radio you wont notice too much difference(More bass). For xm radio you have to pay a monthly/yearly fee, also you can only get xm radio with a combination of premium package and panoramic sunroof(all glass roof wont carry xm) hope that helps...
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I got the premium package with audio. I like it. I do agree with some of the reviews I read about it....there is some occasional distortion for some particular bass notes, but on the whole, it is pretty good. I enjoy listening to music in my car and I am happy with it.
I don't think it's worth the upgrade. When I listened to Premium Audio, I wasn't impressed. I typically go for premium audio in ALL cars except this time I did not. I think that money (5k) is better spent on upgrading sound aftermarket. That's what I will do...perhaps for around 2/2.5k.
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I listened to regular and PUP audio after I’d put my order in. I thought the regular audio was sufficient and I did not change my order.

In the UK we get FM, AM, DAB, Spotify premium, TuneIn, and USB in the audio sources. While Spotify is OK I think I prefer steaming from Apple Music. The audio output goes up to 11! (You knew that anyway). And it is OK. Certainly as good as or better than my old MB.

On model S the PUP seemed less value than on model X. If I were to order a model X I’d go for the PUP in the UK. The enhancements of audio + bioweapon + door opening + 7 heated seats + heated steering wheel + heated wiper area seem worth it. On the model S there was not one compelling PUP feature and in aggregate they just didn’t seem worth it to me.
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I don't have premium audio on mine and IMO the standard audio is quite good. I had a 2015 loaner with premium audio for a few weeks and for some reason it didn't sound consistently nice as the standard does. Some songs were great but others were worse than on standard, no matter what the settings were.

I guess the lesson here is to listen to both. Also I have found out that the sound quality gets better after a period of break in.