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Premium Centre Console

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Hi everyone,

One of my concerns with the Model S is the sheer lack of interior storage. So I ordered the premium centre console. I read on the internet that there have been numerous quality issues with it. Has anyone in HK had it installed? If so, what has been your view regarding the quality and overall usefulness and review of the accessory.

I have it installed and I don't agree that it's poorly made. It's much more tidy and provide good storage space. I always have the back compartment with phone connector open so the mismatch finish is not a big problem for me.
I had it installed in June with my delivery, and there is no way I could say it's horribly made. It's very clever, it's sturdy, looks great in the car, and in my opinion is the same quality as the rest of the interior. Wouldn't be too concerned about the black. The small hinged lid is gloss black and to be honest mine stays open so you never see that. The sliding lids are a matt black so work well with similar bits in the car.
Hi Phil, can you share some of your pictures here about the console? I am also consider to order it, thanks!
Here are some quick snapshots. Sorry for the poor quality as they were taken with a cellphone. You can see that I have the rear compartment open so the piano black panel is actually not visible. I have a USB port plugged in the 12V socket which prevent the panel from closing.

I also had the console installed recently and i agree that its a great solid product. while there is no carbon fibre match it is is indeed in piano black only, it still looks like its an original add on and does not stand out from the rest of the trim.