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Premium Interior Lighting Upgrade

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Pic 3 P85D lights.jpeg
I am getting conflicting results when searching and reading forum about following.
I am evaluating a Jan 2015 P85D, have not seen in person yet. On Tesla build sheet does not have Premium Interior and Lighting selected.
Does have Tech Package with AutoPilot and FOG LAMPS.

1. How do I know if it has Cornering lights?
I have attached three pictures here. The first two were from my 2013 Tesla with Tech Package and has cornering lights.
Pic 1 is with lights on. Pic 2 is with my finger pointing to 2 lights that are off.
2. What is the light DIRECTLY BELOW the amber parking light?
3. What is the small rectangular light at the bottom?

The SECOND picture is of the P85D... I do not see a difference...
4. could this P85D have cornering lights?

It seems some P85D with Tech Package have cornering lights but others were upgraded with Premium Interior Lighting package.
Thank you.

PICTURES ARE posting in WRONG ORDER. THE REALLY GRAINY, with NO LIGHTS on is from the P85D and the other 2 pictures WITH LIGHTS on are from 2013 Tesla WITH CORNERING LIGHTS

- - - Updated - - -

Guess a question could be IF has FOG lights installed via Tesla build sheet, WOULD CORNERING lights also be installed?
The HANDLES do light up when presented and this was supposed to be part of the Premium Interior and Lighting package.


  • Pic 2 2013 Tesal lights.jpeg
    Pic 2 2013 Tesal lights.jpeg
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  • Pic 1 2013 Tesla Fog and Cornering.JPG
    Pic 1 2013 Tesla Fog and Cornering.JPG
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  • Pic 3, P85D Fog Light PDF.pdf
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2. What is the light DIRECTLY BELOW the amber parking light?
3. What is the small rectangular light at the bottom?

The chromed light in the middle directly below the amber marker light is the cornering light.
The rectangular light at the bottom (with the projector lens) is the fog light.

Incidentally, the fog light's aim can be adjusted up and down. There is a small hole in the valance under the light (under the car) for a nut driver. Turn this to adjust the aim.
I know this is an old topic. For what it's worth I have a pre auto pilot 2014 with the Tech package. Has cornering lights and NO fog lights.

If you have cornering lights then how does your car not have fogs? The LED fogs and Cornering lights were all a part of the same package. Looking at your Sig. it says your car has PIALP. So your car should have fogs and cornering lights. Correct me if im wrong but back in the day Tesla was charging $500 for Fog Lights.