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I am currently in my last year of Bachelor study for IT & Management and I am looking very closely when Tesla will enter market for Czech Republic (they build first Supercharger recently 09/2016).

My question to anyone who is familiar with the issue is this (or anyone willing to join the discussion with good input, positive or negative): What should I know in order to be a good choice for Tesla in terms of technician position ?

I like working with hands, tinkering a lot with machinery, I also have endless appetite for knowledge and I am planning to study engineering from Bachelor all over again, leaving IT in the sidelines (though it will help me in the process) and then going for either Masters degree in battery technology or astronautical and aeronautical engineering. My question is phrased in such a way that position of technician would allow me to learn in a steep curve in a short time while maintaining some latitude in terms of future position (moving to design of batteries or changing to space industry later on). I am over-hyped by Tesla and SpaceX (though it is impossible to work for SpaceX in my case) and I really believe in their vision of positive future. I am not feeling like wasting 5-6 years on college again and THEN go work, I think that I would let the best timing slip between my fingers. I want to work while I study to be the person with knowledge I wish to be one day while being in the company where I want to stay, learning even more, not just from school but in work too. Therefore I want to get ready for Tesla and go for it immediately when they enter the market and then working up while I get to know a lot more and more. I just want know what exactly should I be capable of doing in the particular mechanical/technician/maintenance person in order to be interesting for Tesla (I am currently working as a QA in computer games - Truck Simulator)

I am capable of doing many other things, I am all around capable person, I just prefer machinery in either theory or practise. I am willing to learn and do almost anything in order to be part of future where Tesla and SpaceX will succeed in what they do (I am feeling like I should make use of this energy of motivation as soon as I can while doing it right). So if you think that different position with IT background (QA) would be better and THEN moving for technician after I get to know the system I have no problem with that and I am open to any reasonable suggestion.
I also like to read like impossible amounts of information so if you have any idea on books/papers/ sources that would help me prepare I would appreciate them greatly.

I am really looking for advice as to what should I know in order to succeed as a potential employee for Tesla on position of Technician and future engineering design (lacking solid engineering school degree at the moment though).

I would be immensely grateful for any idea or opinion as to path I should choose.