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Pricing help - Considering trading up

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Tesla Roadster #334
Mar 24, 2014
Okay, I know the whole 3.0 debacle has some people predicting lower prices for the 1.5. I'm not totally convinced, but it seems to be poor timing for me. I've had this plan to buy a different car every 12 months, but the past two have lasted 18 months and been difficult to give up. It's about that time, and I'd like to get some input to justify/refute my guess at a proper asking price.

Now here's the car:
2008 Tesla Roadster version 1.5
Just under 30,000 miles
One year (and 20,000 miles) remaining on the extended CPO warranty, which is transferable.
Battery replaced in January, with a current CAC just over 154, and still climbing, even after multiple range charges and 200 mile "key on" drives.
Base equipment, no hard top, but I did add the NX-5000 single-DIN navigation unit with Sirius (which seems to work without a subscription!?!)
110v connector, MC240 connector (original, 30A), Tesla J1772 adapter, and maybe an original Tesla (not Clipper Creek re-branded) 70A High Power Connector.

So, what do you informed folks think it's worth in today's market?
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I could see a short term dip in the 1.5s due to "market uncertainty", but overall they are still great cars, and as discussed elsewhere, have their advantages. Over time they will hopefully appreciate. I'm saying this as my cars sits 300 miles away in the Houston SC.

I'm also hopeful that Tesla will eventually release the 1.5 service manuals (and later 2.0/2.5) opening the door for more aftermarket stuff/support. I think we're still a few years away from that though.
I still find it odd that Tesla has not given the 1.5 owners any answers as to why we cannot take the 3.0 battery upgrade. With that I feel the 1.5 owners should still be hammering Tesla on why we can't and if / when in the future we will. The second odd thing is how nothing was mentioned that the 1.5's were out of this upgrade, from the news, from Tesla, and Elon I feel all 1.5 as well 2.x owners, Model-S owners and the *World* had understood this entire upgrade including the battery was for the full Roadster fleet, with the exception of some salvaged cars. So on the positive side, since we didn't get any answers on why this upgrade won't work on the 1.5's there could be hope. Again I feel we all need to get on Tesla with this one.

So after hearing what I thought was good news and labeled by the Media from Tesla announcing a new battery pack and upgrade package for the Roadsters, it did feel like it was a great Christmas for that a very special package was announced in which all us Roadster owners were going to be excited when it was time to open:
Elon Musks Xmas gift: Roadster 3.0 upgrade with 400-mile range, Model S upgrade to come eventually : TreeHugger


But instead we later found some of the details about this package and I/we now feel like this:


Hold on to your Roadster and see what the future holds. As I mentioned above, we still don't know why the earlier Roadsters are not supported at this time but only speculation. As a start, we first need to get official answers from Tesla/Elon as why we're not supported.
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