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Priority change after buying a Tesla?

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Hi All,
This is my first post here. I placed a reservation for a Model 3 last week before I was a Tesla owner. This week I bought a used model S to tide me over until the AWD 3 is available. Will I now be bumped up in priority since I am now an owner of a Tesla? Will Tesla know that I'm not an owner and will automatically move me up the line?
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to clarify, I got my CPO S back in October, before any Model 3 deliveries were happening. I saw my delivery estimates improve about a month later.

Pretty sure the duration is arbitrary. It's whenever someone feels like updating the delivery estimates.
Order M3 on 2/16 on my sister’s account. She already owns a MS. I haven’t heard anything yet though, still can’t configure.
What happened with this?

From what has been reported here it seems that you only get owner priority now if you had a reservation placed before they started letting non-employees configure. So, if you had a reservation before that date and become an owner of an S or X, you'll be asked to configure pretty quick. If you placed your reservation after that then, regardless of when you became an owner, you have to wait until reservations before you are processed. At least that's what seems to be being reported.