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Prob w/SW Update last night? 2020 Model X DOA this am.

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touch console & dashboard are black. Cannot drive, cannot reboot console or dash..... thinking something happened during a sw download???
If you have a 12v battery tester then I would test that. If you have a charger you can use it on it (I did this with a battery jumper to finish an install once). Yes, I realize you have a 2020 and the 12v should be OK still.

The 12v is own it's own during parts the OTA update since the DC-DC converter (software components) may not be available.

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I monitored the 12v battery voltage during an OTA update

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Aside: During a multi-state road trip my 2020.40.3 left my 12v battery in a bad state. I was jumped and then the install finished. The next day I drove to a Service Center that installed a new battery. Much longer version to that story. I was in NH that doesn't have Service Centers (as it turns out).
If you can get the frunk open you can get the battery or first responder wire. Sometimes disconnecting the first responder wire (don't cut it as says) or removing a lead from the battery, waiting a minute, and reconnecting will reboot the car.
I will give that a try! Thnx
Since I couldn't open my Frunk with the key fob or phone app I had to find the manual option too. Several YT videos are easy to locate online. If you have a battery tester then test that 12v too. If it is at the low 12s or 11s then I'd be suspicious of the battery. "rebooting" it may not let it continue where it left off if it was in the *middle* of the OTA update. This is why I left the 12v battery booster/jump pack on *until* the OTA update *finished*.