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Problems Receiving Correct Interior/Exterior Accessories from Tesla Online Store


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Jan 22, 2018
I ordered a new Model S in January and took delivery on March 22. Prior to taking delivery I ordered several accessories from the Tesla online store in anticipation of outfitting the new car - over $900 worth of items. One of the items ordered was a set of all-weather mats for the rear trunk and lower trunk areas. All items were shipped and received except the rear trunk mats - the box contained one smaller mat (may be the RWD mat, but certainly not the two mats ordered for my S75D). I contacted onlineorders by email as directed on the site and hoped for a reply with the 5 business days SLA indicated on the online store FAQ page. I heard nothing so I sent another email requesting they send the correct mats that I had already paid for - and I mentioned I was planning on buying more accessories, an extended warranty for the Model S, and I am interested in solar panels and three Powerwall 2 batteries. No response. So, I escalated through service escalation on my account page. Later that day I received a response from the online store explaining what they thought the wrong mat was - what? - obviously I don't care about the wrong mat - I just want the correct mats that I paid for sent to me as they should have been in the first place. I will not be buying more accessories, or extended warranty, or solar panels, or PowerWall 2 until I am satisfied I will actually receive what I pay for. Come on, Tesla - it makes no sense to frustrate your paying customers and leave potential revenue on the table. Any suggestions on how to get this issue resolved are welcomed. At this point I am left wondering if Tesla even cares.
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Your story plays like a broken record. Sadly, I feel there are many of us that want to coat the online Tesla store people with honey and cracker crumbs and invite them to an ant hill.:eek: I had to finally contact my credit card company for a refund. I personally would not try to buy from them again. Good luck. A few of those items you can source elsewhere.
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