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Problems with my Tesla Cam only after the new V10 update!

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After the latest update (love it) my dash cam had an box that stated my flash drive was too slow?
I got another one formatted it to Fat32 and within a a couple minutes same thing!
Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
There are many threads about this. Some think it is a bug identifying drives as slow while they don't think they actually are, others think the addition of the additional camera feed, the rear one, pushed USB thumb drives past their capabilities.

A lot of people are using either a high quality SD car with an adapter or a SSD drive with success.
I wish Tesla would formally address this already. I've been holding off on buying a new flash drive thinking it may be a bug. If it's a bug then tell us so I don't have to waste money on a new flash drive, if it's not then tell us so I can replace the flash drive already.

From what I can understand, usb 3.0/3.1 drives that take in a micro sd card seem to work fine, SSD's also work fine.
Perhaps the USB sticks used with this happening are of junk quality, not what its labelled to be.
Not likely at all. The issue appeared simultaneously for many people who had been using USB drives for various amounts of time with no problems.

The bug seems to have been introduced around the time of version 24.4 or so, and seems to still be present in V10. It’s likely that the OP was on an earlier software version that didn’t have the bug and now has it from upgrading to V10. It seems to be common that not every vehicle gets every update designed for it. I surely haven’t.