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Problems with your Model 3 since delivery? Post Photos and Explain what Tesla did to correct

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My Model 3 is at the body shop getting a rock chip in the paint from delivery fixed.

As I fret over the potential of getting my Model 3 back with mismatched Pearl White paint on the trunk, I am wondering what other issues all of you have had with your Model 3s (that you had to take back to Tesla Service to have repaired).

Please post before Photos of the issues with your Model 3s and a brief explanation of what Tesla did to fix the problem (or what other solution was offered by Tesla).

The intent of this thread is to be a PHOTO THREAD so we can all see what others have found to know what to look for on our own Model 3s.
There are dozens of posts about this topic and you want owners to spend a ton of time creating a photo record for you? You are new here and I understand that searching through the many threads requires some time, but it shoudn’t be that tough.
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No. Not recreating it for me. Putting it all in ONE PLACE for the benefit of EVERYONE. Like a photo record of what new and current Model 3 owners should be looking out for. A central resource.

Maybe someone wonders about panel gaps and searches that and finds a panel gaps thread, but then doesn’t realize there are reported issues with distortion in the rear window glass because that thread only dealt with panel gaps. I agree if you search for the issue you already found, you will find prior posts, but scattered across 6 months of threads.

The thought was to help EVERYONE by putting it all in one place.
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