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Procedure when FSD beta misbehaves?


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Feb 20, 2020
Ocala. Fl
Hello, took FSD out for a spin this morning for the 1st time. I navigated to my office which is only about 6 miles but has a good mix of weird traffic situations.

Anyway , I hit the camera icon but I did not notice any indicator that anything happened so this got me wondering what are we supposed to do when car acts inappropriately?

1- Am I supposed to get some sort of indication that footage was saved or anything when I hit the camera icon to report issues (kind of like "dashcam footage saved..." ) ?

2-Should I do a bug report at same time ?

3- should I email them after each drive when I have something happen? Or can they figure out from footage and telemetry what went wrong ?

4- How much should I report?
To this question I hit the icon 3 times in a 12 mile drive , only one was really a "major" issue...they went like this
1st one, intersection with upward hill cresting about 50ft from center of intersection, right at crest of hill is train tracks aprox 75ft past center of intersection-car braked right on top of the tracks. It did not stop but if anyone was right behiend me we might have got to say good morning to each other .
2nd...lol I don't remember....
3rd (this one could be bad) -divided highway with a long "u-turn " lane. Car used U-turn lane perfect, as it was preparing to position itself to make the u-turn, it abruptly started to accelerate and pull back into the flow of traffic in the direction I was heading previously.
More detail-car had almost stopped, wheel was turning to the left almost full lock, then it spun the wheel very rapidly to the right and started to accelerate.

5- Does it react to school zones? I go through one both ways to work and it did not care at all today (all though it would slightly brake for construciton signs), of coure the light was not flashing ecaue its not a school day...just wonder how it reacts .

What I really want to do is be a productive member of the testing community, I don't want to bug Tesla with every little thing, however is that how its supposed to learn ?

Any feed back and/or experience is appreciated
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Feb 20, 2020
Ocala. Fl
I just took it on another trip, same route , and it drove perfectly over the RR track area this time. One difference is that this time I was behind another car so that might have helped it ....or it "learned" already ... kind of scary lol

I did notice this time that I got a "saved" message every time I disengaged ...so it must do it automatically

had to disengaged 3 times, once was becasue I just wanted to turn aronnd and head back home .
I stopped in a school parking lot and set it to navigate home...man this thing acted like it was at an Autocross race through the parking lot. I had to jump on the brakes as it sure appeared it was just going to shoot out into the road with on coming traffic and everything ....
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Nov 25, 2012
Visalia, CA
...1- Am I supposed to get some sort of indication that footage was saved or anything when I hit the camera icon to report issues (kind of like "dashcam footage saved..." ) ?...
I don't think so.
2-Should I do a bug report at same time ?
3- should I email them after each drive when I have something happen?

The instruction:

  • In your email please include date, time, location, and if you took an Autopilot Snapshot. This helps us investigate issues, and better understand your feedback."
Or can they figure out from footage and telemetry what went wrong ?
Most likely if there's no follow up e-mail from you, it'll be ignored because there might just be so many to review.
4- How much should I report?
As much as your free labor can afford (you are an unpaid beta tester.)
...is that how its supposed to learn ?...
In practice, yes: "machine learning, AI..."

In reality: unknown. For example: There have been quite a few low-speed accidents with summons, in both garage and public parking lot, I don't think to keep reporting those has made the machine learn any better. It will keep happening until Tesla changes its algorithm. The current algorithm is using sonars and they cannot see lines so reporting the car keeps crossing the line-markings won't ever help the machine to learn any better. Those reports of the car violating the lines are ignored by the AI team and a waste of our energy.
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Jul 7, 2018
What's the email to report FSD issues? It was in the initial Beta download notes, but cant find it since. Thanks.
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 5.30.36 PM.png
I’m with you and specifically on here now looking for an answer. Watching YouTube videos, when folks hit the camera icon to report a mistake the car made while self driving, a blue type note pops up. Couldn’t read what it said. Like you, I hit it and nothing. Lol. Feels like a joke type button that does nothing. Anyway, went back today and watched YouTube videos and saw the blue bannered message pop up right after for a second. No idea why my button does nothing. Doesn’t seem to be anything to turn on to get it to work. Sooooo, I’ll just wait for some software update to fix it. 🤣


Feb 22, 2016
Manson, WA
I hate the implementation of the FSD reporting button "camera icon". :mad:

It only works half the time, and you need to use it after disengaging FSD, therefore the car is under your steering control while you quickly try to hit the button without selecting the "driver profiles button" immediately to the right (which happens half the time).
Additionally the FSD enhanced visualization screen immediately shrinks back to the smaller size at disengagement, taking the white background away from the FSD report "camera" icon and makes it much harder to see.

You'd think the smart folks at Tesla could come up with a way to report without taking your eyes off the road, (while your recovering from FSD trying to drive into the guardrail, curb, parking lane, etc). How about voice control of use a double press of the scroll wheel to activate a report?
In my Model S - I don't have a "top bar UI". Anyone know where the video icon is on the S, or how to report FSD issues? Car did some crazy things today on 10.8
You have to have the controls open. The icon sill be at the top once you open the controls screen. It’s a bad implementation though because you can’t see the map at that point. I tend to have the controls open while using fsd beta when i am in areas where i know the route already.
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