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Production P90D early impressions

Discussion in 'Model X: Ordering, Production, Delivery' started by NoVIN4Me, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. NoVIN4Me

    NoVIN4Me Member

    Jan 19, 2016
    United States
    Posted this at Tesla forum, but here it is again:
    Just picked up my P90D this past weekend. Awesome car and definitely worth the wait and money despite the frustrations of the unknown delivery schedule.

    Drove the car for only 2 days and less than 5 times/50 miles so far, and won’t touch it again until the weekend, but here are my first impressions of the car. (FYI this is coming from a person who has never driven a Tesla/electric car before. My config: P90D obsidian black | 22” black wheels | 7 seater | auto-pilot | no premium no ludicrous | VIN 22xx factory pick up).

    Handling: The P90D drives awesome—it just sticks to the road and accelerates like a M3 or smaller/lighter cars. Perfect car if you want the utility of a van and performance of a race car!

    FWD access: A lot of people think this is an unnecessary and over-designed feature, but for me with 2 small kids/car seats, this is PERFECT and a huge improvements over our current 2012 "7-seater" X5. It feels great that I do not need to bend down to do anything for the 2nd row, and that the 3rd row is actually useable with the pivoted 2nd row seats. I hope Tesla will continue to improve the FWD for next-gen Model X—I will definitely wait in line again for the next gen version. And it does look cool and draws some eyeballs (could be a con if you don’t like attention)

    FWD sensors: With all the horror stories that I’ve heard about people scratching their FWDs, I was especially worried on day 1. But they do work flawlessly in my garage so far. For new locations, I will still watch it open like a hawk (as suggested by the manual), but it’s assuring that there’s a conductive part that you can touch to stop it anytime.

    Auto-pilot: what a feature. Scary at first changing lanes and driving through a curve, and need some time to get use to. (When I drive I tend to hug the left lanes more, so during autopilot when it is calibrated to drive in the center of the lanes, it feels like I am about to cross over). I can imagine this a handy feature in long road trip.

    Panoramic roof: Meh. Just kidding, it’s gorgeous to see the sky while driving! The tint on the roof is quite effectively (I think it’s supposed to be 97% or something UV- and heat-filtered). Even when the sun is shinning through you do not feel the heat or the sun blinding your eyes. Was going to tint the roof more if it gets too hot, but no such need!

    Parking/Summon: N/A. Have not used it yet but sounds like a neat feature. My garage is tight and it will be nice to always train it to park up to certain distance from the wall so that I can reliably open the tail gate!

    Software 7.1: N/A. Upgraded last night but have not driven since. It is cool that Tesla can continue to tweak/improve the UX with software update at night.

    DS/delivery team: 10/10 for things that they can control. Many of us have complained about the DS and their lack of communications, which they may not have the control, but my DS/delivery team was awesome in customer service. They were going to offer me a loaner if my delivery didn’t happen which I appreciated. Bag of Tesla swags during delivery and the orientation lady did a wondering job explaining the features to my wife. We also did the factory tour which was a wondering experience!

    Fit quality: Certainly not perfect…7/10 IMO—on my VIN there are several trims/seals that are not aligned/fitted, sticking out or with glue residue, minor scratches in chrome parts, etc. My VIN is 22xx so it was originally slated for end-of-March delivery until impacted by the 3rd row recall, so it was probably one of the earlier production builds and they are still trying to optimize the process manually. My friend’s 27xx didn't have all these issues, so it could be another sign that things are getting better. But it’s these kind of small issues in a luxury car that remind me Tesla is still a scrappy "start up" (The MX being their 3rd product ever launched) and that we are all beta testers. No biggie as the SC is keeping a Due Bill list to fix and at no point do I feel I am left hanging…kudos to Tesla Customer Support!

    Car is probably over-designed with too many overkilled automatic features (mostly around the doors), to the point that it can create stress to the user. For example, by opening the driver’s door, the door will automatically swing open. Have to really pull it back so it doesn’t hit another car (Not clear if there’s a sensor that will stop it…didn’t dare to try). In general, the logic of the door is pretty complicated—you can customize the car unlocking as you approach with the key, or locking when you walk away. That’s a convenient feature but it’s difficult to tell (visually) if the car is really locked or not when you walk away. Many times I have to check the app to ensure that it's really locked. Also, it’s nice that the door latches itself, and the FWD senses stuff, but I hope that they are reliable and not become maintenance nightmare after the 4-year warranty.

    Frunk: Smaller than my expectation (could only fit one of our umbrella strollers, not two, as shown in the launch event), and the fact that the hood seems pretty fragile (the manual warns that you need to press it down certain way or the hood may warp!) deter me from using the frunk more often, which is a shame

    FWD closing: It does close pretty fast and no motion sensors downward. Better train your kids not to stick their hands/heads out (it would bounce back if it senses collision, but I bet it would hurt a bit!).

    Rear view window: Small and unusable (blocked by the 2nd/3rd row), but I have learned to activate the backup camera instead while driving so it’s all good

    Wish list:
    Cameras: Wish there’s a front/side camera in addition to rear, so you can really see the curb while parking. The distance sensing is good and all but still missing the visual part

    Seat memory: The passenger drive seat and 2nd row seat has no position memory.

    Sensors visualization: With all the sensors in the car, it would be good to have a UI in the car showing that all the sensors are working correctly. I am afraid that one day the FWD's sensor fail and I open the door and hit something

    Door opening :On my BMW keyless access, you can simply touch the door handle and the door unlocks. Wish the X would do the same—touch the handle and the doors would automatically open. Pressing in to open the car seems counter intuitive compares to the Model S's auto-present and pull.

    Communications :I think everyone agrees that Tesla can better improve their communications to reservation holders. Overall, I rate my experience with Tesla a 9 (out of 10)--average of 12/10 for the car and 6/10 for communications! As I said many times, it's not about the wait (which we all expect), it's about predictability (not cool when people jumping the line with no explanations or if things seem random) or ETA expectations.

    Documentations: After the 7.1 upgrade there's an interstitial screen in the car showing what's new/changed. Wish they will also email the same info to me, or publish it somewhere--would like to digest it offline.

    One last thing that I would say to those still waiting for delivery (or consider buying)—this car is probably as close to a perfect luxury SUV and it’s really second to none in combining luxury and performance into a total package. If you are still waiting, the silver lining is most of the quality issues will probably be polished by your delivery time. If you are considering, go make a reservation now if you think this is a good fit—life is too short to wait for the next big thing and the Model X is already leaps and bounds over what is existing today.
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  2. X Fan

    X Fan Supporting Member

    Sep 29, 2015
    Naples, FL & OIB, NC
    Outstanding report!

    As a multiple X5 owner myself (5 of them to-date), can you comment on adjusting to Tesla's GUI/ease of use of audio, NAV, etc. compared to BMW's solution (which I believe is best in class). Tough adjustment?
  3. NoVIN4Me

    NoVIN4Me Member

    Jan 19, 2016
    United States
    @X Fan: both x5 and MX are good but very different.

    MX is like browsing a computer UI--most controls are in the center console and the navigational is very intuitive and everything is one touch away. There are 2 additional wheel buttons on the steering wheel which you can use to quick access different apps and display them on the instrument panel. It is also integrated to Google Voice command.

    After some time to get use to it, I think I like the MX more than the X5.

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