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Production Time?

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What does entered production mean? If it means physical parts on the line being assembled that is one thing. If it means that you have a VIN that is in the production system to get the parts pulled from stock and sent to the production line that is quite different. Or this could mean that your VIN is in the production system to order the parts that are needed for this car.

It takes a very short time for the parts to go down the line and come out the door as a car, But your parts could set in Q for days waiting to actually be assembled. Especially is one critical part is still in the mail from a supplier.
I wasn't paying attention, but mine seemed to take less than a week from finalizing my order to the phone call from the delivery specialist in Las Vegas saying my 3 had been built. I'd ordered two, and the other still had 3 weeks to go of its 4 week window, but they accelerated that so we could pick them up simultaneously.
Being a newbie in this, how did you find out when your 3 entered production?
ISA said he was waiting for my M3 to complete production. I was like "wait, it's already being built" and he was like "yes".

That's all I know. I have no clue at what point in the production process the VIN is assigned and I have no clue when the My Tesla page gets updated or when the ISAs get sent the VIN. Anyone who knows this info or knows more about the production process, please chime in.