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Products that are safe for cleaning headliner

Hello folks,
Quick question. Does anyone have a recommendation on a product that I can use to clean the non-alacantra (standard) headliner with? I put a large coffee on the roof today, which slipped off the roof and fell into the car (OMG) and splashed everywhere, including on the headliner... :scared::crying::redface:

Need something that will take coffee stains out?

1) Distilled water in a spray bottle is one option - spray and dab (avoid scrubbing) with an absorbent white cloth.

2) A small handheld steamer - hot water vapor + white or light colored absorbent cloth and then dab the area once it is steamed well. Heated water vapor and a clean cloth is the best natural degreaser I've used and that leaves nothing behind once the water dries. I bought this steamer for general surface cleaning inside and outside of my 85D: Amazon.com - Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner With Lifetime Warranty - Clothes Steam Generators

3) If the coffee stains are still visible after #2, a diluted Oxyclean solution (distilled water + a little Oxyclean). This should chemically bleach the brown coffee stain and then you can dab away with a clean white cloth followed by round of distilled water or steam to remove as much of the Oxyclean solution as possible.

Good luck and keep us updated.