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Professions on TMC

What best describes your career field?

  • I'm in the Engineering Field

    Votes: 72 31.9%
  • I'm a Professional Engineer

    Votes: 29 12.8%
  • I'm in the Sciences

    Votes: 25 11.1%
  • I'm more on the business/finance side

    Votes: 43 19.0%
  • I'm something OTHER than those above

    Votes: 57 25.2%

  • Total voters
Some of you may have noticed, I like the poll questions. Fun, easy way to find info without ya'll having to type everything out.

There have been a number of comments about "being and engineer" on here. Let's find out what our make-up is - and this will be an ANONYMOUS Survey!

By the way, I'm an environmental engineer.
Don't like this poll because the OP isn't a REAL engineer.

He's a Sales guy with an engineer title.

Everything he does with the Tesla is from a Marketing/Sales perspective.

He had the balls to purposely out accelerate a cop at a stop light. Most engineers I know don't have balls like that. Marketing/Sales people do because they have inflated ego's.

He didn't properly test drive the car he bought because he simply wasn't that anal about it.

It's nothing bad or good about the OP. It's just his nature isn't that of an Engineer.

He's a little more freestyle; lets have fun and not worry too much kind of guy.

His entire framework of ownership will be from a different perspective than that of Engineer. When I say even something the least bit inexact some other fellow engineer on here immediately spots it. Whether it's something where I incorrectly passed on bad information, or if it's something I just screwed up on. Sometimes I try to simplify things to make it easier to understand, but simplifying things often introduces errors.

The OP keeps Engineers employed because we would never be able to sell what we created.

So nothing bad about the OP, but it does point out a problem with the poll. The poll doesn't differentiate between what kind of Engineer a persons is. Whether they are in technical sales, or if they do design work.

He's in technical sales hence the poll.
Look, before I get beat up too bad here . . . Geesh! A lot of folks have made comments about engineers and I just wondered how many of us there were. Engineers couldn't do anything without the IT folks, sciences, R&D, and everyone else. It's a team effort - not trying at all to make this an "us and them" thing!

S4WRXTTCS, My Florida license number is 58170. Hope that clarifies the "real" engineer comment.

I think ya'll are WAY too sensitive.
Wow... Vicious. If it helps, I happen to like engineers. Well, some of them. I can spin my propeller with the best of them...

I, unlike some CIO's, have not had the frontal lobotomy that results in my not being able to understand technically what's going on. My staff actually let's me touch things occasionally too. I think it's a trick really...

Look! Squirrel! Damn ADD.