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Profile-linked FOBs hold on to the wrong profile

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I'm curious if anyone else has run into this problem. My wife and I each have a fob linked to a separate profile in our MS. If I was the last one driving, when my wife gets into the car alone with her fob it puts her on my profile. Likewise, if my wife was the last one driving, when I get into the car with my fob it puts me on her profile.

What I noticed too was whenever I was the last one driving, the door handles would not auto-present for my wife's fob. She had to double click the fob to enter. Likewise, when she was the last one driving the handles would not auto-present for me either. It's like the car was hanging on to the last fob it remembered.

After de-linking and re-linking both fobs I ran an experiment. We hang both fobs on the wall in the foyer which is next to our garage. It's maybe 10 to 12 feet from the car to where the fobs hang. I moved both fobs to the far side of the kitchen, approx. 25 feet from the car. Once I did this, the behavior was consistently correct. I could get in with fob 1 and it would bring up my profile. I exited and got in with fob 2 and it brought up my wife's profile.

So apparently, hanging our fobs 10 feet from the car is still too close for the car to distinguish between them. What I assume is happening is, when I exit the car with fob 1 and hang it in the hall, the car still sees it in proximity. When my wife grabs fob 2 and walks to the car to let herself in, the car is still seeing fob 1 and brings up that profile instead of hers.

I had assumed the car could only distinguish fob 1 from fob 2 when a fob was close enough to the car to activate passive entry (and the door handles popped out) if not inside the car itself. But judging from this experiment, that's not true!

Has anyone else run into this same problem? If so, did you figure out a solution?
I have my ‘backup’ fob in the kitchen on the other side of the garage wall and have to keep it in a faraday bag for the same reason you have. The car needs to be ‘disconnected’ to grab a new one. Seems Tesla engineers don’t have spouses. :D

Seriously, it is the norm to keep the fobs far enough away from the cars or ‘insulated’ from them. Lots of threads on this for both cars over the years and the 3’s were just changed because people couldn’t be bothered to turn off auto-unlock.
Yes but it only started doing this with a recent software update. Seems to hold to the profile on fob 1 (my wifes) even though I have fob 2 and physically locked and unlocked the car with fob 2 and fob 1 is no where near the vehicle.