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Program Key Remote

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Has anyone successfully programmed a new key remote with the method mentioned in the manual?

Transmitter - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) - Replace / Reprogram Synchronise 1. Remove lower steering column shroud. Refer to FRT: 14053302, page 14-5. 2 Connect the white antenna connectors. 3 The receiver will softly beep 4 times, then will beep louder one more time to indicate that it is ready to receive the first transmitter's button codes. 4 Disconnect the antenna connectors. 5 Press the buttons on the first transmitter in the following sequence: LOCK button, UNLOCK button then the programmable button. 6 The unit will beep once when the LOCK button is learned, twice for the UNLOCK button code and then 3 times for the Programmable button. NOTE: Any number of buttons may be learned (i.e.- only one button, only two buttons, all three buttons) for each transmitter that is programmed into the receiver. 7 To program additional transmitters, connect and disconnect the antenna connectors. 8 The receiver will beep twice to indicate that it is ready to learn the second transmitter's button codes (three times for a third transmitter and four times for a fourth transmitter). 9 Repeat steps 2 to 6 for each additional transmitter 10 The receiver automatically exits the programming mode after 10 seconds if no programming signal is detected. 11 Ensure the antenna connectors are disconnected then install the lower steering column shroud. Refer to FRT: 14053302, page 14-5