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Projector-style (updated) Headlamps


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Apr 18, 2016
I had occasion to stop by my local Tesla gallery today—on the lot were at least 25 Model Y vehicles. There were exactly 2 in Performance spec and both had the updated headlights (VINs 124xxx). Most were LR with a few SR however none of these, some with VINs in the 126xxx range, had the newer lights. Most had the new console (not all) however none had the updated door cards (if that’s even a thing on this side of the big pond). Anyway—that’s all I’ve got. Stay safe.
That's pretty much what the trend has been so far.... only the Performance Y's are coming with the updated headlights. However, all of the LR and SR Y's on your lot are most likely Feb builds that may have been recently delivered.

Tesla (in Freemont) is currently building more Model Y's to handle the Q1 orders, and that includes a lot of us on the west coast that usually get our deliveries last, right at the end of each quarter with an early or mid-March build. It would be a nice surprise if "upcoming" (March) LR & SR builds started to get the updated headlights as well, but we should know if that even happens in the next few weeks.